ReMinkie Memory Bears as Anniversary Gifts and Wedding Gifts!

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we love making memory bears as anniversary gifts and wedding gifts. What a wonderful surprise for a groom to give his beautiful bride; a husband or wife to give to a beloved spouse; a mother to give to her darling daughter on this momentous occasion in her life. Over the years,Continue reading “ReMinkie Memory Bears as Anniversary Gifts and Wedding Gifts!”

Surprise Your Spouse with a Love Bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears!

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to express your love for your spouse or significant other. A love bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears is an especially meaningful and personal gift for a loved one, any time of the year. Love bears can be made from furs, neckties or fabric — anything that has special significance andContinue reading “Surprise Your Spouse with a Love Bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears!”

ReMinkie Memory Bears: Gifts for Patients of Alzheimer’s Disease

We are very pleased to have created a collection of ReMinkie Memory Bears for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Recently, we received a call from the husband of a Methodist Minister in North Carolina. In his possession, he had an old fur coat that once belonged to his late mother. Since his minister wife hasContinue reading “ReMinkie Memory Bears: Gifts for Patients of Alzheimer’s Disease”

Importance of a Keepsake

Why is a keepsake of a loved one so important? According to a recent survey by Allianz Life Insurance, the majority of today’s baby boomers and seniors prize keepsakes far more than money at the death of a loved one. Pictured to the right is a memory bear made from the jeans and plaid shirtsContinue reading “Importance of a Keepsake”

Christmas Bear: Don’t Give Ties for Christmas… Turn Neckties into Memory Bears!

Don’t give neckties or socks for Christmas! Instead, turn neckties, socks, or any fabric/fur into brand new memory bears for your loved ones. Say “ho, ho, ho” this year with beautiful memory bears. Memory bears make especially meaningful and unique Christmas gifts for the whole family. Personalized Christmas Bear Looking for cute Christmas gifts, goodContinue reading “Christmas Bear: Don’t Give Ties for Christmas… Turn Neckties into Memory Bears!”

Teddy Bear vs Memory Bear: Who Wins?

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Teddy bears make great baby gifts, gifts for girls, and gifts for boys, too. No matter one’s age or gender, a beautiful teddy bear is sure to win over many hearts. But not all teddy bears are created equal. At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we design personalized teddy bears with greatContinue reading “Teddy Bear vs Memory Bear: Who Wins?”

Memory Bears & Custom Keepsakes by Rita Glosser

Why choose ReMinkie? Sampling of Memory Bears As you can see, we make personalized teddy bears from furs and a wide variety of fabrics. Here’s a gallery of bears made from clothing: furs, corduroy, tweed, blankets, wedding dress, uniform, neckties, and more. Click on any image below to enlarge. High Quality Personalized Teddy Bears Rita makesContinue reading “Memory Bears & Custom Keepsakes by Rita Glosser”

Mink Bear and Custom Pillow

We recently made a mink bear and custom pillow (pictured above). The personalized teddy bear and pillow were created from a mink coat and lining sent to us by the customer. The coat belonged to her mother who passed away. Now she and her sister each have a beautiful keepsake in remembrance of her mom.Continue reading “Mink Bear and Custom Pillow”

Personalized Teddy Bear with Monogramming

Customer with Her Personalized Teddy Bear We love to make personalized teddy bears. We can make them from your furs, fabrics or neckties! We recently made a personalized bear with monogramming on the paw (pictured above). We’ve sewn personalized initials on the paw and added a beautiful red bow. We make the highest quality personalizedContinue reading “Personalized Teddy Bear with Monogramming”

Personalized Teddy Bear / Memory Bear with Golf Bag

We love to make personalized teddy bears with unique and special details for you and your loved ones. Pictured above is one of our fur bears — with its very own golf bag! This was given to an avid golfer. Personalized teddy bears are superb gifts for any milestone — weddings, graduations, retirement, memorials, andContinue reading “Personalized Teddy Bear / Memory Bear with Golf Bag”