Upcycled Clothing as Keepsakes by ReMinkie Memory Bears

ReMinkie Memory Bears is in the news (again)! In “Organized: Create a keepsake with neckties,” Marla Ottenstien mentions that we have upcycled clothing and neckties in memory of loved ones who have passed away. After her father passes away, a daughter discovers 275 assorted ties in his closet. She donates most of her father’s clothes, but findsContinue reading “Upcycled Clothing as Keepsakes by ReMinkie Memory Bears”

Memory Bears for and in Memory of Children

Pictured to the left is a beautiful birthday boy with one of our memory bears. His mother ordered this memory bear and gave it to her son as a birthday gift. We handcrafted his memory bear from his very own baby clothes. Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, your baby is aContinue reading “Memory Bears for and in Memory of Children”

ReMinkie Memory Bears as Anniversary Gifts and Wedding Gifts!

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we love making memory bears as anniversary gifts and wedding gifts. What a wonderful surprise for a groom to give his beautiful bride; a husband or wife to give to a beloved spouse; a mother to give to her darling daughter on this momentous occasion in her life. Over the years,Continue reading “ReMinkie Memory Bears as Anniversary Gifts and Wedding Gifts!”

Patriotic Memory Bears Celebrating Soldiers and the USA

ReMinkie Memory Bears makes all types of personalized teddy bears, including patriotic memory bears in red, white, and blue. Pictured below is a memory bear celebrating the “land of the free” — perfect for the 4th of July. Memory Bears for the Children of Fallen Soldiers We also make memory bears from the uniforms ofContinue reading “Patriotic Memory Bears Celebrating Soldiers and the USA”

Importance of a Keepsake

Why is a keepsake of a loved one so important? According to a recent survey by Allianz Life Insurance, the majority of today’s baby boomers and seniors prize keepsakes far more than money at the death of a loved one. Pictured to the right is a memory bear made from the jeans and plaid shirtsContinue reading “Importance of a Keepsake”

Keepsake Quilting

Keepsake quilting is a wonderful way to preserve memories of loved ones and milestones. We design keepsake quilts as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, and more. Imagine giving or receiving a quilt that literally unites fabric from a person’s life. Keepsake quilting can feature family trees and history, sports teams, collegiate pride, and soContinue reading “Keepsake Quilting”

Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?

At ReMinkie, we create keepsakes and souvenirs to last a lifetime. Our keepsakes include memory bears, keepsake quilts, custom pillows, custom blankets and throws. What is a Keepsake? A keepsake is a tangible item that is preserved or created in memory of a loved one. In old times, women gave men a lock of hair to keep as aContinue reading “Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?”