ReMinkie Memory Bears as Anniversary Gifts and Wedding Gifts!

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we love making memory bears as anniversary gifts and wedding gifts. What a wonderful surprise for a groom to give his beautiful bride; a husband or wife to give to a beloved spouse; a mother to give to her darling daughter on this momentous occasion in her life.

Over the years, we have created memory bears out of bridal dresses as well as neckties worn by groom and groomsmen. Memory bears make a perfect anniversary and wedding keepsake — to commemorate a couple’s love and commitment to each other. Soft, huggable, and made of the highest quality, ReMinkie Memory Bears are designed to last a lifetime.

Bride Bear: Memory Bear for 40th Wedding Anniversary

Pictured below is our most recent Bride Bear Memory Bear — designed as a 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift. Here are words from our client…

May 18th, 2014, is our 40th anniversary, and I can’t think of a neater thing to do than make a ReMinkie memory bear from my wedding dress. The dress was made by my mother 40 years ago. ~ Grandview, TX

Would you like a bride bear, groom bear, wedding bear, anniversary bear? Call Rita at (941) 320-1222 or (941) 383-7700 to discuss a memory bear for a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, and more.

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