ReMinkie Memory Bears by Rita Glosser

Pricing & Sizing

Fully Jointed Memory Bears

We offer the highest-quality, fully-jointed memory bears. Our standard memory bears range in size from 15″ to 20″ (depending on the amount of fur, fabric or neckties you send to us). Our baby memory bears are approximately 8″ in size, and can be made from your fur or ours. All of our memory bears feature child-safe eyes and noses; poly-fiberfill stuffing; and heavy lining for durability. Prices below do not include shipping and handling. Please ask about any additional costs for monogramming, embroidered initials, or extra special details.

Custom Pillows

Our custom pillows include: Fur Pillows, Fabric Pillows and Necktie Pillows. Prices for all custom pillows are as follows:

  • 12″x16″: $179
  • 16″x16″: $189
  • 18″x18″: $199
  • 20″x20″: $210
  • Bolsters: $199

Keepsake Quilts & Throws

Finished sizes depend on the amount of fur or neckties you send.

Custom Scarves

Our custom scarves cost $120. Each scarf is 60″ long with a matching ruffle.

We accept personal checks and credit card payments.

Please call with any questions.

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