Keepsake quilting with girl's old clothing, including t-shirts and prom dress

T Shirt Quilts & Keepsake Quilts

If you’re looking for the highest quality t shirt quilt or keepsake quilts, you’ve come to the right place. We have 20+ years experience along with the expertise to custom design a beautiful t shirt quilt or keepsake quilt for you and your loved ones. We can add special trim and fabrics to your t shirt quilt. Our keepsake quilts can be made from any materials that have special significance and sentimental value to you or a loved one. We love helping our customers preserve memories with a t shirt quilt and keepsake quilt.

T Shirt Quilt & Keepsake Quilt Gallery

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T Shirt Quilt as a Birthday Gift

Pictured below is a t shirt quilt we designed as a birthday gift for a woman’s daughter. The t shirt quilt is made from the girl’s old tees, as well as her prom dress.

T Shirt Quilt in Honor and Memory of a Husband Who Passed Away

Pictured below is a t shirt quilt we made for a woman in honor and memory of her husband. The t shirt quilt is made from the late husband’s Hawaiian shirts. He was a renown and beloved teacher in Hawaii who wore Hawaiian shirts to school every day. We added a trim separating the squares, using his khaki pants.

T Shirt Quilt

T Shirt Quilt. Keepsake Quilt and Memory Quilt made in honor and in memory of a husband who passed away. Made from husband’s old Hawaiian t shirts and old clothing.

Keepsake Quilt made from Old Clothing (Shirts, Pants and More)

Below is a sample of a keepsake quilt we designed for a wife who lost her husband. The keepsake quilt is made from the late husband’s hunting shirts and pants.

Custom Blankets: Keepsake Quilt / Memory Quilt

Keepsake Quilt / Memory Quilt – made from husband’s old clothing

Memory Quilt made from Old Clothing (including Neckties)

The keepsake quilt pictured below was designed for a lovely woman in Wisconsin. After she sent us approximately 70 of her husband’s neckties, Rita Glosser worked closely with her to design this special quilt in honor of her husband.

Memory Quilt: Made from Old Clothing Keepsake quilting with old clothing / neckties

T Shirt Quilt and Keepsake Quilts of the Highest Quality

Our t shirt quilts and keepsake quilts are made with greatest expertise, care and personal touch. We can add personalization (such as monograms) for you. We use cut velvet as backing for our memory quilts — or you can send us the fabric of your choice. Rita will work closely and expertly with you to design a t shirt quilt or keepsake quilt that honors your memories. She has over 20 years experience in handcrafting keepsakes. When you purchase keepsake quilts by ReMinkie, you can be sure that you’re receiving a keepsake made with the highest standards.

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