Pillows can be created from fur, meaningful clothing, or 15 of your neckties. If you have a favorite necktie, this can be the focus of your pillow. The neckties from your drawer or the furs from your closet can now be displayed in your home on a sofa or bed.

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“I’m amazed that an old mink stole could make the two beautiful fur pillows that I see in my den.” ~ Cindy F, Atlanta GA

“My husband had so many neckties that I kept and stored in a box. Now they’re on my sofa in a touchable treasure that we see every day.” – B. G. Atlanta, GA

“I saved my late husbands neckties that had fond memories from gifts and our travels. Thank you for giving me the perfect way to use them in a ReMinkie Pillow.” – A. L. New York, NY

“It was a pleasure working with you to create a surprise gift for my husband’s 75th birthday. I snuck them out of his closet and when we presented the ReMinkie Pillow made from his ties, he flipped. Thanks again for making his birthday so memorable.” – B. T. Scottsdale, AZ