Meet Rita

In 1994, I created ReMinkie Memory Bears when my dear mother’s mink stole went from her closet to mine. It hung in my closet. Although I never wore it, I couldn’t part with it. When I realized my daughter would never wear the fur, I created my first memory bear from my mother’s fur to honor her. After my friends saw my memory bear, they asked me to recycle their furs into cherished keepsakes… and ReMinkie Memory Bears was born!

We began ReMinkie Memory Bears by recycling fur into personalized teddy bears, but soon our customers began requesting teddy bears made from other materials that were dear to them — such as shirts, coats, dresses, robes, college and high school jackets – anything meaningful in their lives.

In 2000, when a customer requested a personalized teddy bear made from her father’s neckties, we designed and originated our Memory Bear made solely from neckties. When another customer told me she had so many of her husband’s ties stored in a box, we began making custom pillows from neckties, too. Our pillows can be made from any fur, neckties, or meaningful fabric in a variety of sizes including bolsters.

We now make Fur Throws (blankets), from any type of fur coat or a combination of jackets or mink stoles. We also make memory quilts from neckties, t-shirts or any meaningful clothing.

I know how important these keepsakes are to you. Rest assured that each of our memory bears, throws, or pillows will be lovingly handled and expertly made just for you.