Surprise Your Spouse with a Love Bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears!

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to express your love for your spouse or significant other. A love bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears is an especially meaningful and personal gift for a loved one, any time of the year.

Love bears can be made from furs, neckties or fabric — anything that has special significance and nostalgia for you and your beloved. Is there a piece of clothing or material that is filled with memories of your marriage or history together? Perhaps a bridal gown, tux, or something you wore on a special occasion or at an event together. Over the years, we have transformed hundreds of treasured pieces of clothing and material into love bears and memory bears. Uniforms, coats, shirts and ties, baby blankets, and so much more.

Love Bear from Husband to Wife

Pictured above is a love bear given as a special gift from a husband to his wife. This memory bear is made from his wife’s old fur. In her own words…

My husband snuck my mink stole out of my closet and surprised me with the love bear sitting on my sofa. What a wonderful surprise! ~ Sarasota, Florida

Would you like to surprise your loved one with a memory bear full of love and meaning? Call Rita at (941) 320-1222 or (941) 383-7700 to discuss the perfect memory bear for your spouse, significant other, or anyone dear to your heart.

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