Sympathy Gifts, Memorial Gifts, Bereavement Gifts

Sympathy Gifts: Traditional vs Unique It’s often difficult to know what to say or do when a friend or loved one is grieving. Acknowledging the loss is extremely important. A sympathy gift can be a perfect way to send the message that you care deeply. Traditionally many send flowers as sympathy gifts. However, this oftenContinue reading “Sympathy Gifts, Memorial Gifts, Bereavement Gifts”

What to Do with Fur Coats? Choose Your Keepsake!

Wondering what to do with the unworn family fur coats hanging in your closet? You’ve come to the right place! We offer several answers to that question. We transform fur coats into custom decor and beautiful keepsakes. Options include: Memory Bears, Fur Throws, Fur Pillows and more. What to Do with Fur Coats: Discover Your Options If you’re wonderingContinue reading “What to Do with Fur Coats? Choose Your Keepsake!”

Keepsake Quilting: Turn Treasured Neckties into a Keepsake Quilt!

At ReMinkie, we transform an array of old clothing, furs, neckties, and more into custom keepsakes. Pictured above is a keepsake quilt that we made from a man’s beloved neckties. Keepsake quilting is a wonderful way to preserve memories of a loved one. We turn treasured neckties and items of clothing into keepsake quilts forContinue reading “Keepsake Quilting: Turn Treasured Neckties into a Keepsake Quilt!”

Keepsake Quilting

Keepsake quilting is a wonderful way to preserve memories of loved ones and milestones. We design keepsake quilts as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, and more. Imagine giving or receiving a quilt that literally unites fabric from a person’s life. Keepsake quilting can feature family trees and history, sports teams, collegiate pride, and soContinue reading “Keepsake Quilting”

Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?

At ReMinkie, we create keepsakes and souvenirs to last a lifetime. Our keepsakes include memory bears, keepsake quilts, custom pillows, custom blankets and throws. What is a Keepsake? A keepsake is a tangible item that is preserved or created in memory of a loved one. In old times, women gave men a lock of hair to keep as aContinue reading “Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?”