What to Do with Your Wedding Dress: Custom Pillows & Memory Bears

If you’re wondering what to do with your wedding dress after your special day is complete, you’ve come to the right place. Want to repurpose your wedding dress? We offer many beautiful solutions for you! Repurpose Your Wedding Dress! Many brides pick the dress of their dreams for their wedding day. It’s a shame toContinue reading “What to Do with Your Wedding Dress: Custom Pillows & Memory Bears”

What to Do with Fur Coats? Choose Your Keepsake!

Wondering what to do with the unworn family fur coats hanging in your closet? You’ve come to the right place! We offer several answers to that question. We transform fur coats into custom decor and beautiful keepsakes. Options include: Memory Bears, Fur Throws, Fur Pillows and more. What to Do with Fur Coats: Discover Your Options If you’re wonderingContinue reading “What to Do with Fur Coats? Choose Your Keepsake!”

Custom Pillows: Custom Decor as Keepsakes

Looking for custom pillows? We have extensive experience in designing an array of custom decor, including pillows. Pictured below are custom pillows we recently created for customers. The first pair is made from the fur of an old coat. The second set is made from a leather jacket (also pictured). Please feel free to contact us to discussContinue reading “Custom Pillows: Custom Decor as Keepsakes”

Custom Keepsakes: Seat Cushions Made from Memorabilia

At ReMinkie, we create a wide array of custom keepsakes. Our keepsakes include memory bears, custom pillows, custom blankets, keepsake quilting, and more! Recently, we received a request to make custom seat cushions. We were delighted to design comfortable cushions out of old clothing, bandanas, t-shirts, and memorabilia. Custom Seat Cushion – Made from T-Shirts,Continue reading “Custom Keepsakes: Seat Cushions Made from Memorabilia”

New Product for Horse Lovers! Custom Pillows made from Horse Blankets

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we’re excited to announce a new product especially designed for horse-lovers. Recently, Rita Glosser was approached by a lifelong equestrian who was grieving over the loss of her beloved horse. She asked if ReMinkie could make custom pillows out of her horse blankets in memory of the horse who passed away. Rita’s answer was aContinue reading “New Product for Horse Lovers! Custom Pillows made from Horse Blankets”

Creative Wedding Gifts vs Traditional Wedding Gifts

Unique and creative wedding gifts — such as custom pillows — can be more far meaningful and lasting than traditional wedding gifts. At Reminkie, we don’t simply create memory bears. We also design custom pillows, custom blankets and throws, and keepsake quilts. In fact, we receive many requests for custom pillows as creative wedding gifts. Shown in the photoContinue reading “Creative Wedding Gifts vs Traditional Wedding Gifts”

Mink Bear and Custom Pillow

We recently made a mink bear and custom pillow (pictured above). The personalized teddy bear and pillow were created from a mink coat and lining sent to us by the customer. The coat belonged to her mother who passed away. Now she and her sister each have a beautiful keepsake in remembrance of her mom.Continue reading “Mink Bear and Custom Pillow”

Minions Memory Bears

Memory Bears: One in a Minion We recently designed Minions bears for a woman whose sister passed away. We created the memory bears from the beloved sister’s Minions t-shirts. One of the bears has a removable blue jacket (shown below). In the photo above is a snapshot of the sister who is being honored andContinue reading “Minions Memory Bears”