Custom Pillows: Custom Decor as Keepsakes

Looking for custom pillows? We have extensive experience in designing an array of custom decor, including pillows. Pictured below are custom pillows we recently created for customers. The first pair is made from the fur of an old coat. The second set is made from a leather jacket (also pictured). Please feel free to contact us to discuss custom pillows or custom decor for your home.

When we receive orders for custom decor, customers usually send us materials with special meaning and significance to them. We might receive a beloved mother’s fur coat, a dear sister’s leather jacket, or a late husband’s neckties. We take these nostalgic fabrics and furs and transform them into custom pillowscustom throwsmemory bears, and more. Not only do customers come away with beautiful and unique custom decor, they also have keepsakes in honor and memory of loved ones.

If you’re wondering what to do with a loved one’s clothing (or maybe a coat you no longer need or wear), ordering a custom keepsake can be a wonderful solution. At ReMinkie, we are in the business of memories — honoring and remembering those we love and times past. We are ready to create custom keepsakes from the coat wasting away in your closet or the neckties your father, husband or son no longer wear.

If you have any questions about custom decor or custom keepsakes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have over 25 years of making the highest quality keepsakes to last a lifetime.