Memory Bears from Clothing – Bereavement Bears

Beloved husband is lovingly remembered with memory bears as Christmas gifts.

Memory Bears from Clothing

We create memory bears from clothing that customers send to me. Often the clothing belongs to loved ones who have passed away. For example, we have received fur coats, neckties, baby clothes, Boy Scout uniforms, police uniforms, shirts, pants, and much more. We transform each piece of sentimental clothing into a custom keepsake. Wondering what to do with a loved one’s shirts and ties? Let us create memory bears from clothing.

What makes my memory bears so special? They have movable joints, durable lining, and exquisite stitching. They are child-safe and made to last a lifetime. Why settle for anything less? Let us transform clothing into memory bears and custom keepsakes for you and your loved ones. We have over 25 years expertise in making the highest quality memory bears.

Memory Bears During Bereavement

Are you or someone you know suffering the loss of loved one? During times of bereavement, memory bears can provide great comfort. We have seen first-hand how a memory bear can truly help someone cope with grief and loss. Memory bears are a beautiful, comforting, and huggable keepsake. Customers thank us enormously for creating bereavement bears which they can “hug and hold” and treasure for a lifetime.