Creative Wedding Gifts vs Traditional Wedding Gifts

Unique and creative wedding gifts — such as custom pillows — can be more far meaningful and lasting than traditional wedding gifts. At Reminkie, we don’t simply create memory bears. We also design custom pillowscustom blankets and throws, and keepsake quilts. In fact, we receive many requests for custom pillows as creative wedding gifts.

Shown in the photo to the right is one of our custom pillows made from a woman’s beautiful wedding dress. Here is the woman’s response to receiving the custom pillow — made from her very own wedding dress: “What an amazing keepsake of our wedding! I’m reminded of our special day every time I see this beautiful pillow on our bed. I love it, especially the button details.”

Traditional Wedding Gifts

Traditionally, couples have received kitchen and bath items as wedding gifts.

Top 10 Traditional Wedding Gifts

  1. Silverware Sets
  2. Serving Platters
  3. Monogrammed His and Her Bath Towels
  4. Monogrammed His and Her Bathrobes
  5. Decorative Throws
  6. Wine Glasses
  7. Candles and Vases
  8. Fancy Tablecloths and Napkins
  9. Kitchen Appliances such as toasters
  10. Just the Cash, Please

Traditional wedding gifts, which are designed to prepare a couple for a domestic life together, used to make perfect gifts for newly married couples. However, nowadays with so many couples living together before marriage, traditional wedding gifts are often redundant and discarded. This is why so many search for creative wedding gifts today.

Creative Wedding Gifts

Custom pillows and memory bears — created from sentimental fabrics — can make very meaningful and creative wedding gifts. Here are some of our ideas for creative wedding gifts.

  1. Bride/Groom Custom Pillows (with sentimental fabrics)
  2. Bride/Groom Memory Bears
  3. Memory bears/custom pillows: wedding dress
  4. Memory bears/custom pillows: wedding veil
  5. Memory bears/custom pillows: bridesmaid dresses
  6. Memory bears/custom pillows: neckties worn by groom

Weddings should be once-in-a-lifetime days. So shouldn’t wedding couples receive once-in-a-lifetime gifts? Break away from traditional wedding gifts to give creative wedding gifts that make treasured keepsakes for couples to have and hold forever.

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