Importance of a Keepsake

Why is a keepsake of a loved one so important? According to a recent survey by Allianz Life Insurance, the majority of today’s baby boomers and seniors prize keepsakes far more than money at the death of a loved one.

Pictured to the right is a memory bear made from the jeans and plaid shirts a husband wore everyday. “We love the bear reminding us of him” his wife wrote to us.

A Keepsake is a Bridge

First of all, what is a keepsake? A keepsake is anything that offers a personal or emotional connection to a loved one. A keepsake — such as memory bears created from a loved one’s belongings — can help us feel connected to each other and our past. Not only is a keepsake a bridge between people, it’s also a bridge between our past and our future. A meaningful and unique gift, a keepsake travels across generations of family. Each time a keepsake is passed from one person to another, a bond is created or sustained. Creating a memory bear as a keepsake is a wonderful way to pass your love throughout your family.

A Keepsake is a Comforting Compass

Pictured above are two memory bears given to grandchildren.

The familiarity of a keepsake offers a sense of ongoing comfort during times of grief. Memory bears and similar keepsakes can become a compass, helping us hold onto our bearings. In times of change, it’s comforting to have a keepsake that remains by our side; a reminder of the love in our hearts. Since memory bears are designed with familiar items of a loved one (shirts, ties, scarves, fur coats, etc.), they make perfect keepsakes. Each memory bear tells a story of a person, a life, and evokes powerful feelings.

A Keepsake is a Tangible Treasure of Memories

Memories of loved ones can fill us with inspiration and direction. When we hold or hug a memory bear, it can reconnect us to memories we hold dear; reminding us of who we are, who we have been, and how far we have come. Memorial keepsakes offer a tangible memento when we can no longer touch our loved one. Memory bears are infused with meaning through the materials they are made from — the clothing of loved ones — creating a lasting keepsake. This special keepsake is a beautiful reminder of the person who is no longer with you.

It’s been said that memories are essential parts of our biographies, filling in our histories. Even more important is what we decide to give meaning to. A keepsake, such as a memory bear, helps us focus on the positive of love (instead of the negative of loss). As we write our life’s story, creating keepsakes helps us nurture peace and happiness.

Give a gift of a memory bear to loved ones in your life… as reminder of joy.

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