Patriotic Memory Bears Celebrating Soldiers and the USA

ReMinkie Memory Bears makes all types of personalized teddy bears, including patriotic memory bears in red, white, and blue. Pictured below is a memory bear celebrating the “land of the free” — perfect for the 4th of July.

Memory Bears for the Children of Fallen Soldiers

We also make memory bears from the uniforms of loved ones who have passed away, such as a fallen soldier. Memory bears can be an especially comforting gift for children in times of loss. Created from the uniform of a parent who has passed away, a memory bear is a cute, soft and cuddly keepsake for a child to hug and hold.

Memory Bears Made in the USA

All of our memory bears are made in the USA. Our patriotic memory bears are perfect gifts for soldiers, marines, veterans, and anyone who’s proud to be an American. For you or your loved ones, we can make memory bears out of any uniform, fabric, neckties or fur, including:

  • Army Memory Bears
  • Navy Memory Bears
  • Military Memory Bears
  • Firefighter Memory Bears
  • Police Officer Memory Bears

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