Memory Bears for Christmas Gifts. Four brown fur memory bears made as Christmas Gifts for grandchildren.

Memory Bears as Christmas Gifts

Memory Bears for Christmas Gifts. Four brown fur memory bears made as Christmas Gifts for grandchildren.The holiday season will soon be upon us. Already we have customers shopping for the holidays. Pictured above are four adorable memory bears. We recently made these memory bears from old furs. They will be given as Christmas gifts to several beloved grandchildren. Beautiful red bows give the furry teddy bears the perfect Christmas accent.

If you have old red furs or fabrics, send them to ReMinkie to make Christmas gifts for your loved ones. We can make personalized teddy bears, custom pillows, custom blankets and throws, keepsake quilts, and more. Custom keepsakes — made from sentimental materials — make the most personal and meaningful gifts. Below are more memory bears made as holiday gifts in the past few years.

Photos of Memory Bears as Christmas Gifts

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, we can make keepsakes for you and your loved ones. Add joy to your holidays with creative and custom keepsakes. Why give generic store-bought gifts when you can give a keepsake to last a lifetime? Feel free to call Rita to discuss ordering holiday and Christmas gifts.

Memory Bears for Christmas Gifts


Memory Bears for Christmas Gifts

Christmas Bear: Don’t Give Ties for Christmas… Turn Neckties into Memory Bears!

Don’t give neckties or socks for Christmas! Instead, turn neckties, socks, or any fabric/fur into brand new memory bears for your loved ones. Say “ho, ho, ho” this year with beautiful memory bears. Memory bears make especially meaningful and unique Christmas gifts for the whole family.

Personalized Christmas Bear

Looking for cute Christmas gifts, good Christmas gifts for parents, or Christmas gifts for girlfriend? What’s better than snuggling up with a bear? A memory bear is a deeply thoughtful and personal gift for your family, friends and loved ones.

memory bears for grandchildrenWhat makes our memory bears so special? We do not make cookie cutter teddy bears. No two memory bears are alike. Each Christmas bear is one-of-a-kind, designed especially for you and your recipient. Special personalization and customization of your Christmas bear includes monograms, embroidery, bows, ties, scarves, buttons, hats, etc.

Cute Christmas Gifts with Professional Touch

Memory bears are similar to homemade Christmas gifts — because you contribute to the process. Your Christmas bear will be made out of the materials you send to us. For example, if you’re designing a bear for a beloved child, you may send us his/her first baby blanket to transform into a Christmas bear. Or if you’re making a memory bear for your parents, you may send us fabric/furs that have sentimental value to them.

All of our memory bears are especially designed to inspire happy memories. Each becomes a treasured keepsake to be passed from one generation to another. Our memory bears are made of the highest quality for lasting value.

If you prefer, we can also make Christmas bears from our own supply of fabrics and furs. However, if you want a Christmas bear to be ready in time for the holidays, you’ll need to order soon!

Memory Bears - Christmas Bears - Christmas Gifts

These Christmas memory bears were given as Christmas gifts.


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Memory Bears: Video Screenshot

ReMinkie Memory Bears Featured on Video!

We hope you enjoy this video featuring our beautiful, high quality memory bears.

In this video, you’ll see examples of our fur memory bears, fabric memory bears, and necktie memory bears. The video shows memory bears made from a father’s NY Yankees shirts, a mother’s old fur coat, and a dad’s Santa Suit — given as Christmas gifts.

In addition, the video includes samples of our custom pillows (custom fur pillows, custom fabric pillows, custom necktie pillows); custom throws and keepsake quilts; as well as our custom scarves.

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Turn your loved one’s furs, clothing, coats, uniforms, neckties, and more into a beautiful and treasured keepsake! Our memory bears, custom pillows, and custom blankets can be personalized and monogrammed for you and your loved ones.

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