Memory Bear Poem

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we create lasting keepsakes for you and your loved ones. Our memory bears are designed to celebrate love that lives on forever, long after life fades away. Our beautiful and huggable memory bears are great comforters in times of loss. We make memory bears of the highest quality — as adorable, lovable, andContinue reading “Memory Bear Poem”

Importance of a Keepsake

Why is a keepsake of a loved one so important? According to a recent survey by Allianz Life Insurance, the majority of today’s baby boomers and seniors prize keepsakes far more than money at the death of a loved one. Pictured to the right is a memory bear made from the jeans and plaid shirtsContinue reading “Importance of a Keepsake”

Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?

At ReMinkie, we create keepsakes and souvenirs to last a lifetime. Our keepsakes include memory bears, keepsake quilts, custom pillows, custom blankets and throws. What is a Keepsake? A keepsake is a tangible item that is preserved or created in memory of a loved one. In old times, women gave men a lock of hair to keep as aContinue reading “Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?”

Christmas Bear: Don’t Give Ties for Christmas… Turn Neckties into Memory Bears!

Don’t give neckties or socks for Christmas! Instead, turn neckties, socks, or any fabric/fur into brand new memory bears for your loved ones. Say “ho, ho, ho” this year with beautiful memory bears. Memory bears make especially meaningful and unique Christmas gifts for the whole family. Personalized Christmas Bear Looking for cute Christmas gifts, goodContinue reading “Christmas Bear: Don’t Give Ties for Christmas… Turn Neckties into Memory Bears!”

Memory Bear Commemorates Beloved Dad

Pictured below is one of our beautiful memory bears in honor of a father who passed away. Designed with his colorful neckties, this memory bear commemorates a most beloved dad. Christine’s Response to Memory Bear “The memory bear is just gorgeous, and his expression reminds me a bit of my dad’s. Oddly enough, we haveContinue reading “Memory Bear Commemorates Beloved Dad”

Memory Bears as Family Gifts and Keepsakes

Looking for family gifts? Give family bears to the whole family! At ReMinkie Memory Bears and Custom Keepsakes, we create family bears for children and adults alike. The Smith family is pictured above with their family bears by ReMinkie. After receiving their ReMinkie bears, the Smith family reported back to us: The memory bears wereContinue reading “Memory Bears as Family Gifts and Keepsakes”

Memorial Gifts by ReMinkie Memory Bears

Popular memory gifts include engraved jewelry, stones, crosses, chimes, and more. While these can make lovely memorial gifts, they are simply not as meaningful as gifts crafted from your loved one’s belongings. At ReMinkie, we create memory bears as memorial gifts. Our memory bears are made from fabrics, furs and/or neckties belonging to the one who hasContinue reading “Memorial Gifts by ReMinkie Memory Bears”

Teddy Bear vs Memory Bear: Who Wins?

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Teddy bears make great baby gifts, gifts for girls, and gifts for boys, too. No matter one’s age or gender, a beautiful teddy bear is sure to win over many hearts. But not all teddy bears are created equal. At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we design personalized teddy bears with greatContinue reading “Teddy Bear vs Memory Bear: Who Wins?”

Looking for Easter Gifts? Personalized Easter Bunny!

Looking for Easter gifts? A personalized Easter Bunny is perfect! At ReMinkie, we don’t simply make personalized teddy bears. We also make personalized dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits! Our stuffed-animals can be made from any fabric you choose! This includes sentimental fabrics. Clients often send us baby blankets, children’s clothes, mother’s’ fur coats, father’s’ neckties, and more.Continue reading “Looking for Easter Gifts? Personalized Easter Bunny!”

Memory Bears from Clothing: We’ll Make a Bear for You!

Life is in the details. And so are memory bears. At ReMinkie, we specialize in the highest quality personalized teddy bears from clothing. Each bear is a unique work of art — designed especially for you. With over 25 years experience, we offer exquisite details and expert artistry. Memory Bears from Clothing! We will makeContinue reading “Memory Bears from Clothing: We’ll Make a Bear for You!”