Memory Bears & Custom Keepsakes by Rita Glosser

Why choose ReMinkie? Sampling of Memory Bears As you can see, we make personalized teddy bears from furs and a wide variety of fabrics. Here’s a gallery of bears made from clothing: furs, corduroy, tweed, blankets, wedding dress, uniform, neckties, and more. Click on any image below to enlarge. High Quality Personalized Teddy Bears Rita makesContinue reading “Memory Bears & Custom Keepsakes by Rita Glosser”

Mink Bear and Custom Pillow

We recently made a mink bear and custom pillow (pictured above). The personalized teddy bear and pillow were created from a mink coat and lining sent to us by the customer. The coat belonged to her mother who passed away. Now she and her sister each have a beautiful keepsake in remembrance of her mom.Continue reading “Mink Bear and Custom Pillow”

Personalized Teddy Bear with Monogramming

Customer with Her Personalized Teddy Bear We love to make personalized teddy bears. We can make them from your furs, fabrics or neckties! We recently made a personalized bear with monogramming on the paw (pictured above). We’ve sewn personalized initials on the paw and added a beautiful red bow. We make the highest quality personalizedContinue reading “Personalized Teddy Bear with Monogramming”

Memory Bears from Mink Coat, Quilts & Clothing

Here are several memory bears we have created from treasured clothing. We can transform any item of clothing (including prom and wedding dresses!), furs, fabric, neckties, and more into a custom keepsake to be treasured for a lifetime. Memory Bear from Quilts Memory Bear from Dress & Coat Memory Bears from Mink Coat with PersonalizedContinue reading “Memory Bears from Mink Coat, Quilts & Clothing”

Personalized Teddy Bear / Memory Bear with Golf Bag

We love to make personalized teddy bears with unique and special details for you and your loved ones. Pictured above is one of our fur bears — with its very own golf bag! This was given to an avid golfer. Personalized teddy bears are superb gifts for any milestone — weddings, graduations, retirement, memorials, andContinue reading “Personalized Teddy Bear / Memory Bear with Golf Bag”

Memory Bear as Mother’s Day Gift

Pictured above is a memory bear — made from a mother’s treasured fox fur stole. She gave this bear as a Mother’s Day gift to her daughter. What a sweet keepsake to pass from mother to daughter! Like all our memory bears, this beautiful white fur bear has movable limbs. It’s made from the highestContinue reading “Memory Bear as Mother’s Day Gift”

Memory Bears Made from Treasured Sweaters

Pictured above are four memory bears made from clothing. We designed these bears from treasured sweaters. The sweaters belonged to the mother and father in the family. Each of the children received one of these memory bears as a keepsake. These beautiful sweater bears were made with the highest quality care and materials to lastContinue reading “Memory Bears Made from Treasured Sweaters”

Memory Bear – Made from Wedding Gown

Pictured above is a memory bear by Rita Glosser of ReMinkie. This personalized teddy bear was made from a grandmother’s wedding gown and given to her adorable granddaughter. The bear and baby are pictured together. The bear includes a beautiful bow and details from the wedding dress sewn on the chest, sleeves, and legs. LikeContinue reading “Memory Bear – Made from Wedding Gown”

Customer Photos of Memory Bears

Our wonderful customers often send us pictures of the memory bears we have made for them. Nancy Wade LeCain sent us the photo (above) of a ReMinkie fur bear. We created this memory bear from her mother’s mink stole. We added a red bow and a monogrammed bib. Here is what Nancy wrote to us:Continue reading “Customer Photos of Memory Bears”

Minions Memory Bears

Memory Bears: One in a Minion We recently designed Minions bears for a woman whose sister passed away. We created the memory bears from the beloved sister’s Minions t-shirts. One of the bears has a removable blue jacket (shown below). In the photo above is a snapshot of the sister who is being honored andContinue reading “Minions Memory Bears”