Memory Bears from Clothing: We’ll Make a Bear for You!

Life is in the details. And so are memory bears. At ReMinkie, we specialize in the highest quality personalized teddy bears from clothing. Each bear is a unique work of art — designed especially for you. With over 25 years experience, we offer exquisite details and expert artistry.

Memory Bears from Clothing!

We will make a bear for you from the materials of your choice.

Maybe you’d like to turn a favorite sweatshirt into a bear? A special uniform? A college tee? A baby blanket? The choices are endless!

Repurpose and recycle your favorite clothing. Let us make a bear for you that will turn into a treasured keepsake. Our personalized teddy bears make unique and memorable gifts, ready to be passed on from one generation to another.

The ReMinkie Bears featured on this page were made from a loved one’s corduroy shirt. For a special touch, we added embroidery on the bear’s foot pads.

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