Memory Bears – Personalized with Jewelry

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we transform your sentimental fabrics and furs into the highest quality memory bears with movable joints and durable lining. Our memory bears are designed to last a lifetime. We also offer unique personalization for your bears. We want your keepsake to be extra special and meaningful to you and your lovedContinue reading “Memory Bears – Personalized with Jewelry”

Keepsake Quilting: Turn Treasured Neckties into a Keepsake Quilt!

At ReMinkie, we transform an array of old clothing, furs, neckties, and more into custom keepsakes. Pictured above is a keepsake quilt that we made from a man’s beloved neckties. Keepsake quilting is a wonderful way to preserve memories of a loved one. We turn treasured neckties and items of clothing into keepsake quilts forContinue reading “Keepsake Quilting: Turn Treasured Neckties into a Keepsake Quilt!”

Making Memory Bears: Before and After Photos

Turn something old into something new! At ReMinkie, this is what we do. We recently transformed a woman’s treasured silk jacket into a beautiful, brand new memory bear. We added a colorful bow and personalized the bear’s paw with a monogram. View before and after photos below. At ReMinkie, we turn old clothing, coats, furs,Continue reading “Making Memory Bears: Before and After Photos”

Custom Keepsakes: Seat Cushions Made from Memorabilia

At ReMinkie, we create a wide array of custom keepsakes. Our keepsakes include memory bears, custom pillows, custom blankets, keepsake quilting, and more! Recently, we received a request to make custom seat cushions. We were delighted to design comfortable cushions out of old clothing, bandanas, t-shirts, and memorabilia. Custom Seat Cushion – Made from T-Shirts,Continue reading “Custom Keepsakes: Seat Cushions Made from Memorabilia”

Memory Bears with Personalized T-Shirts

Pictured above are three personalized teddy bears. These beautiful fur bears were made for a woman’s grandchildren. Two of the bears feature personalized t-shirts: Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Fort Myers Beach. We love adding personalized touches to our memory bears. We can add t-shirts, bowties, neckties, ribbons, hats, accessories, monograms, and much more. Personalized teddyContinue reading “Memory Bears with Personalized T-Shirts”

Memory Bears in Honor of School Teacher

As far as we know, we were the first company in the USA to make memory bears from men’s neckties. A man’s necktie is often where he expresses his personality, sense of color and design. This translates into a memory bear with great flair. School Receives Memory Bear in Honor of Teacher Mr. B retired after 30Continue reading “Memory Bears in Honor of School Teacher”

Memory Bears as Memorial Gifts, Wedding and Baby Gifts

Over the years, we have made memory bears as memorial gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and more. The ReMinkie Memory Bears directly below were made for a family in memory of their mother. Each of these memory bears has a pocket in the back for her picture. The ReMinkieContinue reading “Memory Bears as Memorial Gifts, Wedding and Baby Gifts”

ReMinkie Memory Bears Featured on the News!

We hope you enjoy the following news clips about ReMinkie Memory Bears. Rita Glosser — founder of ReMinkie Memory Bears — has made appearances on many news outlets to discuss the positive impact of her memory bears and custom keepsakes. ReMinkie Memory Bears on Bay 9 News In the following video, Rita Glosser is interviewedContinue reading “ReMinkie Memory Bears Featured on the News!”

Memory Bears in Memory of Husbands and Fathers

We have made memory bears in memory of husbands, fathers, grandfathers, police officers, fire chiefs, and more. In their loving memory, we have made memory bears out of their uniforms, neckties, shirts, jackets, and more. Remembering a Husband and Father with ReMinkie Memory Bears When everyone in her family wanted a remembrance, Myrna had 6Continue reading “Memory Bears in Memory of Husbands and Fathers”

Memory Bears: A Family Affair

We love happy customers at ReMinkie Memory Bears! When a mother passed away, her family called us to create a family of memory bears from the mother’s fur coat. We created two large bears for the mother’s daughters and four baby bears for their children (the mother’s grandchildren). The family is pleased to have theirContinue reading “Memory Bears: A Family Affair”