Custom Decor: Custom Pillows, Custom Blankets, Keepsake Quilts

Looking for custom decor? At ReMinkie, we make much more than Memory Bears! We also design personalized home decor. Our custom decor includes: Custom Pillows Keepsake Quilts Custom Throws Pictured below are a pair of fur pillows. Each was designed by recycling clothes. In this case: a woman’s old fox fur coat. We transformed herContinue reading “Custom Decor: Custom Pillows, Custom Blankets, Keepsake Quilts”

Memory Bears – Personalized with Jewelry

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we transform your sentimental fabrics and furs into the highest quality memory bears with movable joints and durable lining. Our memory bears are designed to last a lifetime. We also offer unique personalization for your bears. We want your keepsake to be extra special and meaningful to you and your lovedContinue reading “Memory Bears – Personalized with Jewelry”

Keepsake and Custom Quilts from Clothing

At ReMinkie, we turn all types of clothing into custom keepsakes. We create keepsake quilts, memory bears, custom pillows, custom blankets, and more. Customers from all over the world send us nostalgic material to transform into keepsakes. Keepsake Quilts Photos Pictured immediately below is a keepsake quilt designed for a beloved daughter. She received thisContinue reading “Keepsake and Custom Quilts from Clothing”