Custom Decor: Custom Pillows, Custom Blankets, Keepsake Quilts

Looking for custom decor? At ReMinkie, we make much more than Memory Bears! We also design personalized home decor. Our custom decor includes:

Pictured below are a pair of fur pillows. Each was designed by recycling clothes. In this case: a woman’s old fox fur coat. We transformed her fur coat into soft and useful pillows. She no longer has an old fur coat wasting away in her closet. Instead, she has added sentimental and beautiful embellishments to her home decor.

We can create decor from any material you desire. Check out the following link for more details and examples of pillows: custom pillows.

  • Fur Pillows
  • Fabric Pillows
  • Necktie Pillows
  • Keepsake Quilt Pillows
  • Any Material You Choose!

Add joy and sentimentality to your home with custom decor! Why buy generic decor when you can have pillows, throws and keepsake quilts designed especially for you. At ReMinkie, we create home decor with expert care and exquisite details. We have over 25 years experience in custom decor.

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