ReMinkie Memory Bears Featured on the News!

We hope you enjoy the following news clips about ReMinkie Memory Bears. Rita Glosser — founder of ReMinkie Memory Bears — has made appearances on many news outlets to discuss the positive impact of her memory bears and custom keepsakes.

ReMinkie Memory Bears on Bay 9 News

In the following video, Rita Glosser is interviewed by Bay 9 News. Rita discusses how she turns sentimental items into lasting memories. She’s passionate about the teddy bears she makes. These are not your average bears. They’re made from sentimental and old clothing, including fur and mink coats. Rita says that every bear has a story; the bears seem to come alive and offer comfort to her customers. She came up with the idea of making memory bears after her mother gave her an old stole coat. Since she knew her daughter would never wear it, Rita decided to transform the stole into a teddy bear for her first grandchild. Bears can be made from furs, old clothing, and treasured fabrics. According to a customer, her daughters were deeply touched to receive memory bears made out of their grandmother’s coat. Nothing pleases Rita more than happy customers.

ReMinkie Memory Bears on SNN 6 News

In the following video, Rita Glosser appears on SNN 6 News. She discusses her decision to start her own memory bear business, and how she feels that she gives a piece of herself to every bear she makes. Rita makes memory bears from beloved clothing such as shirts, jackets, neckties, uniforms, fur coats. In this video, she shows a bear made from a baby blanket. She tells a story about a woman who lost her son. She gave Rita his old sports jackets, which she turned into a bear. She also mentions about a woman who lost her husband. She sent Rita her late husband’s neckties. Rita transformed the ties into a memory bear in honor of the woman’s husband.

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