Making Teddy Bears Out of Clothes

Making teddy bears out of clothes has been ReMinkie’s specialty for over 25 years.

Memorial Teddy Bears

“I couldn’t part with my favorite ski sweater. Since I no longer ski, this memory bear keeps all my skiing memories alive. I love it.” ~ ReMinkie Customer

Making teddy bears out of clothes is a beautiful way to preserve memories of loved ones who have passed away. We have made memorial teddy bears out of the clothes of beloved spouses, parents, grandparents and more. We have transformed clothes into comforting memory bears to hug and hold during times of grief and loss. Clothes include Fur coats, neckties, pants, jeans, shirts, blouses, uniforms and more.

Retirement Bears

Making teddy bears out of clothes can be a wonderful way to honor a recent retiree. We have made memory bears out of police uniforms, pilot uniforms, boy scout uniforms and much more. We have even made a colorful memory bear for a retiring teacher who wore fun neckties to school each day.

Kids & Baby Clothes

Have your children outgrown their clothes from younger years? A memory bear can be a wonderful way to repurpose and recycle clothes by making teddy bears out of clothes. Memory bears make meaningful birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, and much more. We can personalize teddy bears with monograms, t-shirts and more.

Clothes in Your Closet

Do you have clothes hanging in your own closet? Maybe an old fur coat you don’t wear anymore. Making teddy bears out of clothes is a fabulous way to “go green.” Repurpose and recycle clothes with memory bears. We also make custom pillowsthrows and quilts out of specials items of clothing (including furs and neckties).

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