What to Say to Someone Grieving

Memory bears made in honor and in memory of a beloved husband.

Many of us struggle over what to say to someone grieving. However, in most cases, the very act of reaching out to someone is more important than any words you may offer.

At ReMinkie, we make memory bears as comforting keepsakes for those who are grieving. Memory bears are made from clothing of the loved one who passed away. Huggable and beautiful, memory bears can provide solace in times of grief — without worrying over the “right words.”

Supporting Someone Grieving

  1. First and foremost, don’t let your worries about saying or doing the “wrong thing” keep you from saying or doing anything at all.
  2. Let the grieving person know you’re available to listen.
  3. Let go of any preconceived notions about the grief process. Everyone grieves differently.
  4. Offer practical help such preparing food or driving to appointments.
  5. Be ready to give hugs, and check in with the grieving person on a regular basis.

Memorial and Remembrance Quotes

As you consider what to say to someone grieving, you may want to peruse our collection of memorial quotes. We have created a series of memorial quotes in three parts. Simply click on the links below to view the inspiring words.

Memory Bears – A Comforting Keepsake

Memory bears can’t speak, but they are perfect for hugging. If you’re looking for a meaningful and comforting gift for someone who’s grieving, please don’t hesitate to call me about making a memory bear. Our memory bears are the highest quality around – made to last a lifetime.