What Is a Memory Bear?

Memory Bears are teddy bears made from clothing and belongings with sentimental value to you. Clothing includes fur coats, neckties, uniforms, t shirts, pants and much more. Belongings include blankets, jewelry, buttons and more.

Memory Bears are usually made in remembrance of a loved one or as a keepsake to pass from one generation to another. In making a memory bear, old clothes are transformed into a beautiful and comforting bear.

Memory Bears make excellent Sympathy Gifts, Memorial Gifts and Bereavement Gifts. During times of loss and grief, they can offer great comfort. They’re soft and huggable, and a beautiful remembrance of a loved one.

We make Memory Bears in three main categories: Fur BearsFabric Bears and Necktie Bears. We also make Baby Bears.

Not All Memory Bears Are Created Equally

As a treasured keepsake, a memory bear should be designed to last a lifetime. No one wants to turn a loved one’s clothing and belongings into a teddy bear that falls apart after a few years. This is why we make high-end teddy bears of the very best quality. Our teddy bears are meticulously crafted: fully lined for durability and stuffed with poly-fiberfill. They include movable joints in arms and legs and child-safe eyes and noses.

I have been making remembrance bears for over 25 years, and am delighted by the testimonials I receive from my wonderful customers.

As you consider ordering a memory bear, make sure you find someone with the experience and craftsmanship to design a bear that will stand the test of time.