ReMinkie Memory Bears Offer Comfort in Times of Loss

Our ReMinkie Memory Bears are often made as a keepsake in memory of loved ones.

To the right is a photo of two memory bears we made for Jeanne G., who writes:

“Had two memory bears made. NYC Transit bears. Those are mine in memory of Bob. [I] display them proudly.”

Memory bears offer solace to those who have lost a loved one. Losing a loved one is never easy, but memory bears can be a comforting companion in times of grief. Our memory bears are made from the unique clothing, coats, furs, neckties of the departed — so that our customers have a tangible memento and keepsake to hug and hold in their arms. In remembrance of your loved ones, we build a bear for you from the furs, fabric or neckties you send to us. We also do specialty detailing, monogramming and personalization on our memory bears so each is completely personal to our customers.

Memory bears are a great gift to give anyone who has experiencing a loss. Seeing loved ones’ clothing, furs, or ties transformed into cute teddy bears can help the healing process. Our customers are able to the hug the bear when they can no longer hug their loved one. The scent of their loved one lingers in the materials from which each memory bear is made. Our customers tell us that our memory bears make them smile, bring them joy, and ease their pain.

We make our memory bears of the highest quality because we want them to last a lifetime, passing from one generation to another. Our cute teddy bears are huggable and fully jointed. You’re never too young or too old to hug a memory bear!

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