Memory Bears as Retirement Gifts

Over the years, we have made many memory bears as retirement gifts. Pictured to the left is a retirement bear made for a pilot who worked for Delta Air Lines for 30 years.

When your friend, coworker or supervisor is retiring, give a meaningful and unique gift. Our memory bears are keepsakes, crafted from materials you send to us. Our bears are designed to remind your recipients of their years of dedication and achievement, as well as the wonderful people they met along the way.

Retirement is a big transition in people’s lives, worthy of a very special gift. Of course, for some people, retirement is a welcome relief, and our memory bears can celebrate the freedom of retirement, too. Depending on your needs, your retirement bear can be fun or formal, lighthearted or serious.

Choosing Materials

Our retirement bears are made from fabrics, furs or neckties that you send to us. Great materials for retirement bears include uniforms, business ties, fabric with company mascots or company colors. Feel free to Contact Us for ideas for your retirement bear.

Pricing and Shipping

Click on the following buttons for more information about the pricing, sizing, shipping and delivery of our memory bears.

Questions? Call Rita at (941) 320-1222 or (941) 383-7700
Feel free to e-mail us at

Styles of Memory Bears

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