Memory Teddy Bears

Would you or a loved one like a memory teddy bear to hug and to hold? At ReMinkie, we create personalized teddy bears and memory bears from clothing. View examples of memory teddy bears below. The pictured bears feature a pilot bear, a Boy Scout bear, a monogrammed bear, and a Transit Police bear.

Memory teddy bears are a beautiful and meaningful way to preserve memories. Don’t throw away the clothing or belongings of a loved one. Instead, let us repurpose and recycle clothes into brand new memory bears for you and your loved ones.

We are ready to create memory bears from clothing as well as any materials that have sentimental meaning to you or a loved one. We design personalized teddy bears from clothing, baby blankets, jewelry, neckties, bowties, quilts, and much more.

Memory teddy bears can offer sweet comfort in times of grief and loss. Give bears as memorial gifts, remembrance gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, retirement gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts — and as gifts for other important milestones.