Condolence Gifts

Would you like to give condolence gifts that bring comfort to your recipient? While others are sending out generic gift baskets and flowers, would you like to offer a keepsake that can be treasured for a lifetime?

At ReMinkie, we make memory bearscustom pillows and custom throws as condolence gifts. Not only are our condolence gifts beautiful, they can be extremely comforting in times of loss and grief.

Condolence Gifts: Memory Bears

Pictured above: memory bears made with clothing belonging to men who have passed away. We designed the memory bears in honor and memory of beloved husbands and fathers. These were given as beautiful and meaningful gifts to those who were left behind.

What makes our memorial and bereavement gifts so special is that they are holdable and huggable. They’re tried and true when it comes to tears and grief. Due to their comforting nature, memory bears have been given to Alzheimer’s patients for solace in times of stress. In fact, ReMinkie has designed and donated bears to Alzheimer’s patients.

Condolence Gifts to Last a Lifetime

Why give disposal gifts? Instead, give keepsakes and memory bears made from clothing that’s recycled and repurposed from a loved one’s closet. At ReMinkie, we make the highest quality bears and keepsakes. We want your gift to stand the test of time, and become an heirloom to pass from one generation to another.