Boy with one of our memory bears

Memory Bears for and in Memory of Children

Boy with one of our memory bearsPictured to the right is a beautiful birthday boy with one of our memory bears. His mother ordered this memory bear and gave it to her son as a birthday gift. We handcrafted his memory bear from his very own baby clothes.

Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, your baby is a teenager! Our memory bears are a wonderful way to celebrate the milestones in a child’s life. We make memory bears as birthday gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, new baby gifts, and more.

Memory Bears: To Hug and To Hold

Memory Bears by ReMinkiePictured to the left is one of our memory bears made in memory of a child named Drew. Due to a drunk driver, he died far too young. Below are words from his mother.

“This is a bear that was made for me… it is made from a shirt, shorts & socks that were Drews. Thank you, Rita. This is my comfort bear!” ~ Debbie

We cannot lessen the grief when a parent outlives a child, but we hope to provide comfort with a keepsake. Our memory bears are here for you to hug as you hold onto your memories of your beloved daughter or son.