Memory Bear. Monogrammed. Red Bow. Fur Bear. Personalized Teddy Bear. Made by Rita Glosser of

Customer Photos of Memory Bears

Our wonderful customers often send us pictures of the memory bears we have made for them.


Nancy Wade LeCain sent us the photo (above) of a ReMinkie fur bear. We created this memory bear from her mother’s mink stole. We added a red bow and a monogrammed bib. Here is what Nancy wrote to us:

I had one bear made from my mom’s mink stole and another from my dad’s ties. They are treasured heirlooms; perfect way to hold the memories.

Memory Bear. Sitting on Sofa. Red Bow. Fur Bear. Personalized Teddy Bear.

Jean Popp Pachulski sent us the photo (immediately above) of a ‎ReMinkie fur bear. We designed this memory bear from her mother’s fur stole. We added a big, beautiful red bow. Here is what Jean wrote to us:

This is my bear made with my mom’s fur stole. It is one of my most treasured possessions. She is almost twenty years old. I look forward to making a couple of more for my grandchildren. Thank you Rita

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