Memory Bear - A Gift of Love

Memory Bear: A Gift of Love

A memory bear is truly a gift of love. Each memory bear is made from furs and fabrics that customers send us. These often turn out to be a mother’s old fur coat, a father’s old neckties, a child’s old baby blanket. With such sentimental materials, I craft a keepsake bear for my customers and their loved ones. Pictured below are two customers with their ReMinkie memory bears.

Give a Gift of Love with a Memory Bear

Memory Bear - A Gift of Love

Happy Customer with 3 Memory Bears

I have over 20 years experience and expertise in making memory bears. My customers often request a teddy bear in honor and memory of a loved one. Over the years, I have seen how a memory bear is a magical and beautiful gift of love, touching the hearts of my customers and their families. Each teddy bear is entirely unique, made especially for you. If you are wondering what to do with a loved one’s old clothing, furs or neckties, we have a wonderful solution for you. Let us create a memory bear for you. A memory bear makes a beautiful keepsake and gift of love. View our customer testimonials to read more about the many benefits, comfort and delight of a beautiful memory bear. Questions? Please don’t hesitate to call me.