Memory Bears

Looking for a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime?

Looking for a keepsake? At ReMinkie, we create keepsakes and souvenirs to last a lifetime. Our keepsakes include memory bears, keepsake quilting, custom pillows, custom scarves, custom blankets and throws.

What is a Keepsake?

Fur Pillow Custom-Made from Old Fur CoatA keepsake is a tangible item that is preserved or created in memory of a loved one. In old times, women gave men a lock of hair to keep as a remembrance. Today, we might hold onto a loved one’s old clothing or belongings after they are gone, but who wants to look into a closet for remembrance? Memory bears are a perfect way to create a huggable and beautiful keepsake out of any old fabrics, furs, clothes, coats, shirts, pants, scarves, ties, coats, etc. of those we love.

How does a Keepsake differ from a Souvenir?

The word “souvenir” is French, meaning “for a remembrance or memory.” However, while a keepsake generally refers to memories of people, a souvenir usually refers to memories of places or events. Travelers often pick up a souvenir or commemorative merchandise from countries, cities, hotels, and other places they visit. Those who participate in a special event may take home a souvenir to remind them of the unique experience. Many people collect memorabilia from historical events, sporting events, political conventions, musical concerts, etc. The value of a keepsake and a souvenir is usually more symbolic than monetary. A simple photograph of a location or occasion can become a treasured souvenir.

For example, when visiting a beach, people often bring back seashells as a souvenir of their trip.


Souvenir: Seashells

What are Memory Bears?

Beautiful memory bear made from old clothes as a keepsake for a loved one.

Beautiful memory bear made from old clothes as a keepsake for a loved one.

Memory bears are a very popular type of keepsake. Each memory bear is created from fabric and materials that are meaningful to you. This could be your mother’s fur coats, your father’s neckties, your baby’s blanket, your husband’s uniform, your wife’s blouse, your wedding dress, and much, much more. At ReMinkie, we design memory bears of the highest quality to last a lifetime. All of our teddybears have jointed arms and legs, and special lining. We even personalize bears with monograms, special buttons, and more. For over 20 years, Rita Glosser has been preserving memories with memory bear.

Call Rita (800-373-6465) to learn more about memory bears.

What is Keepsake Quilting?

Keepsake quilting is another popular type of keepsake. The squares of the quilt are made from material and fabrics with nostalgic value to you. Read more about Keepsake Quilting.


Keepsake quilting with old clothing / neckties

The piece of a keepsake quilt (pictured above) demonstrates how we include neckties in our keepsake quilting.