Memory Bears - Made from Neckties

Memory Bears made from Neckties

Our memory bears made from neckties offer a beautiful and original way to create a treasured keepsake and preserve the memory of a loved one. Each of our memory bears is entirely unique — because it’s made from the neckties you send to us. Send us 6 neckties and we’ll make a memory bear for you! If you have more than 6 neckties, check out our custom pillows.

Memory Bears of
the Highest Quality

When you buy our memory bears, you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality teddy bears. All of our memory bears are handmade teddy bears with moveable joints in the arms and legs. Our memory bears have child-safe eyes and noses, and are stuffed with poly-fiberfill. In addition, each our our memory bears is lined with heavy muslin for durability. We offer only the highest quality memory bears to our customers.

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Memory Bears make Great Personalized Gifts!

Our memory bears made from neckties make excellent personalized gifts for Father’s Day or a special birthday. Personalize your handmade teddy bear with neckties with a theme — such as golf, fishing, football or college emblems. Our personalized teddy bears can be accessorized with a name or initials on the paw pads or with a miniature tie.

Memory Bear by Rita Glosser of ReMinkie Memory Bears

Memory Bears – Testimonials

“Just Arrived! My necktie bear is exactly what we hoped for…What good memories of my father wearing these ties. It touched the whole family. Thank you… thank you.” ~ Dottie M., New York, NY

“I’m so glad I saw your ad and found you. What a great idea. I love the necktie bear you made from my husband’s neckties. Fond memories…” ~ Barbara F., Nashville, TN