Custom Pillows

Horse Decor: Custom Pillows for Horse Lovers

Are you an equestrian or big fan of horses? Enhance your home with horse decor! At ReMinkie, we design custom pillows from cherished horse blankets — or any other horse material that has meaning and sentimental value to you.

Commemorate Your Horse with Horse Decor

Wondering what to do with your old horse blankets? Are they buried in trunks? Don’t throw them away! We will transform your horse blankets into personalized and custom pillows. Each pillow will be expertly crafted and made especially for you and your loved ones. After you mail the horse blankets to us, you’ll receive a beautiful keepsake and memorial of your horse. Horse decor is a perfect way to honor and memorialize your beloved horse. In addition, we offer custom pillows made from fur, fabric or neckties.

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Custom Pillows

Custom Pillows made from Old Horse Blankets

Pictured above are custom pillows made in memory of a customer’s beloved horse.

Horse Decor: Gifts for Horse Lovers

Turn horse blankets or any other horse paraphernalia into the gift of a lifetime! Our personalized and custom pillows make perfect gifts for horse lovers and equestrians. Whether you need horse decor for Christmas gifts, or any holiday or special day, give us a call today to discuss all of your options. Rita Glosser is very hands-on and will work closely with you to create your custom keepsake.

Customer Testimonial for Horse Decor

“Thank you for creating such beautiful keepsakes for me. The horse pillows are absolutely gorgeous. I love them! That horse was so special to me, and we used that wool blanket all the time. It means so much to me now to have it as a perfect addition to my home. You were wonderful to work with. Thank you again, M. A” Barnington, IL

Horse Decor / Gifts for Horse Lovers