Holiday Bears

Christmas, Hanukkah & Holiday Bears

Soon the holidays will be here! If you’re looking for sentimental and meaningful gifts, consider giving Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday Bears this year. We make memory bears as Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts and holiday gifts. Each memory bear is made from materials you send us, such as a loved one’s clothing, blankets, furs, neckties, and more. If you prefer, we can create your holiday bears from our own furs.

Holiday Bears

Holiday Bears: Memory Bears made as Christmas Gifts, Meaningful Gifts, Sentimental Gifts


Holiday Bears & Meaningful Gifts

What makes our Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday bears such meaningful gifts? All of our memory bears are custom-designed and made especially for you. In addition, we can add personalization such as monograms, bows and ribbons, buttons, clothing, jewelry, and so much more.

If your child has outgrown his/her baby blanket, a memory bear is the perfect way to repurpose it. Or if your retired husband no longer wears his neckties, memory bears are a wonderful way to recycle them. Or if a grandmother has passed away, consider turning her old furs into memory bears for the whole family.

When you send us your sentimental materials, we transform them into meaningful gifts for the holidays. We make holiday bears to suit your recipient. For example, we have made Christmas bears, Hanukkah bears, Minion bears, Masonic bears, Harley Davidson bears, Nascar bears, Golf bears, patriotic bears, Boy Scout bears, Police bears, Pilot bears, baby bears, and more.

Give meaningful gifts! All of our holiday bears are made with the highest quality care. Why choose ReMinkie? Because we have over 20 years experience making memory bears for loved ones.