ReMinkie Memory Bears by Rita Glosser

How many Bears can be made from a stole?

Most mink stoles will make 1 Large Bear or 2 Medium Bears.

What happens if the fur is not in good condition?

In the past 20 years, we have had very few furs that were not workable. If the fur is in very poor conditions, we will return it to you. All our bears are inner lined with muslin to take the strain off the fur.

About how long does it take to get the bears?

We try to deliver your bear or bears in 6-8 weeks, but if it is needed for a special occasion, we will try to accommodate.

What if the fur had not been in storage?

In all probability it will be fine.

How do you personalize NeckTie bears?

Names or initials can be embroidered on the paw pads. If we are making a miniature neck tie to go around the neck of the bear, this can monogrammed.

Do you create other animals?

Yes, we make bunnies, puppies, and kittens.

If I have more than one fur, can they be combined?

Yes, we often mix furs and colors if they are complementary.

Can the initials or name in the lining be placed on a paw pad?

We like to personalize the bear utilizing the initials or name on a paw pad and fit it either on the foot or hand paw, depending which fits best.

What if the name or initials are too big to be put on a paw pad?

We make a removable bib that ties around the neck of the bear. (There is an additional charge to make the bib.)

How do you determine which neckties go where?

We work out a pattern that we feel is complimentary. If you have a preference or if one tie is significant, let us know and we will place it in front on the belly.

Why are all the bears the same price?

Our labor is the same whether we are making a Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large Bear. If you are ordering a ready-made bear and we are supplying the fur, there is a price differential.

How do you determine what size bears you can make?

We call you when we receive the fur to discuss the details. The size depends on the number of bears you want. We use all of the fur to make the largest bears possible with your fur.

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