Easter Bunny - Memory Bear

Looking for Easter Gifts? Personalized Easter Bunny!

Looking for Easter gifts? A personalized Easter Bunny is perfect!

At ReMinkie, we don’t simply make personalized teddy bears. We also make personalized dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits! Our stuffed-animals can be made from any fabric you choose! This includes sentimental fabrics. Clients often send us old baby blankets, children’s clothes, mother’s’ fur coats, father’s’ neckties, and more. We transform these nostalgic materials into Easter Bunnies, Personalized Teddy Bears, and more.

Personalized Easter Gifts:
Easter Bunny from Your Repurposed Fabric and Furs

Looking for personalized Easter gifts? Our Easter Bunnies can be personalized, embroidered, monogrammed, and more. Our custom-made bunnies are a meaningful way to repurpose and recycle old clothing, coats, quilts, and furs.

So why not make this Easter holiday extra special? Give a beloved child or special adult an Easter Bunny! Made from meaningful fabrics or furs, our bunnies offer substance and sentiment. We also make custom pillows and throws as truly unique Easter gifts for your family and friends.