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Custom Pillows & Fur Pillows: Made from Old Clothing and Old Fur Coats

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Custom PillowWe create custom pillows and fur pillows. Let us turn your old clothing and fur coats into custom decor and keepsakes. We design luxurious, high quality pillows from old furs, fabrics, neckties, and more. We can create custom pillows in honor and memory of loved ones. Give yourself and your family a beautiful, comforting, and huggable keepsake. Custom pillows may be personalized with monograms, special details and trim.

  • Monograms and personalization available
  • Highest quality craftsmanship

Fur Pillows: What to Do with Old Fur Coats

If you’re wondering what to do with old fur coats, we have the perfect solution for you. Recycle old furs into fur pillows! Do you have old fur coats hanging in your closet? We’re ready to make beautiful, fur pillows for you or your loved ones. Fur pillows are a wonderful way to repurpose old fur coats and create a keepsake for yourself and your family. In addition, we make fur bears and fur throws from old fur coats.

Custom Pillows made from Old Clothing

Would you like to create a keepsake from a loved one’s old clothing or neckties? Then you’ve come to the right place. We transform old clothing and neckties into custom pillows, throws, memory bears, and more. We design the highest quality pillows from the old clothing that has so much sentimental value and meaning to you. Neckties (whether they’re from a father, grandfather, son, brother) can be turned into a custom pillow too. If you send us 12-16 neckties, we can create a custom keepsake for you or your loved ones. Custom pillows make wonderful birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, memorial gifts, and more.

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Custom Pillows (Fur)

Custom Pillows and Fur Pillows: Customer Testimonials

“My husband had so many neckties that I kept and stored in a box. Now they’re on my sofa in a touchable treasure that we see every day.” – B. G. Atlanta, GA

“I saved my late husbands neckties that had fond memories from gifts and our travels. Thank you for giving me the perfect way to use them in a ReMinkie Pillow.” – A. L. New York, NY

“It was a pleasure working with you to create a surprise gift for my husband’s 75th birthday. I snuck them out of his closet and when we presented the ReMinkie Pillow made from his ties, he flipped. Thanks again for making his birthday so memorable.” – B. T. Scottsdale, AZ