Custom Blankets

Custom Blankets: Fur Throw, T Shirt Quilt, Keepsake Quilts

At ReMinkie, we’re experts at designing the highest quality custom blankets, custom throws and keepsake quilts. We create custom blankets (such as a t shirt quilt or fur throw) from your old clothing or old furs. Customers often ask us to make a fur throw or t shirt quilt as holiday and birthday gifts for family and friends. We can also design a fur throw or t shirt quilt as a memorial keepsake for you and your loved ones. Below is a small sample of our custom blankets, including a fur throw, t shirt quilt, keepsake quilt and more. Please click on any image to enlarge.

Custom Blankets: Fur Throw

Are you wondering what to do with old fur coats? We have a wonderful solution for you. At ReMinkie, we transform old furs and old fur coats into a fur throw for you and your loved ones. When you order a fur throw — not only do you receive high quality decor, you also receive a beautiful keepsake. We love helping our customers preserve memories by turning old fur coats into a fur throw. Give new life to your old furs! Take old furs coats out of the closet and let us create a fur throw for your home or for a loved one. No need to wonder what to do with old fur coats any longer. A fur throw by ReMinkie is your answer to the question: what to do with old fur coats. Embellish your home decor with a fur throw that has sentimental value and meaning. In addition to making a fur throw, we also design fur pillows and memory bears from old fur coats.

Custom Blankets: T Shirt Quilt, Keepsake Quilt, Memory Quilt

We can design your keepsake quilt from a variety of clothing, such as shirts, pants, neckties, bandanas, etc. Obviously, a t shirt quilt is made from old tees with sentimental value to you or a loved one. Perhaps you wish to transform a child’s old tees into a t shirt quilt for your teenager. Or turn a husband’s old neckties into a memory quilt or keepsake quilt. From your nostalgic clothing, we create a keepsake quilt or t shirt quilt of the highest quality for you and your loved ones. We work closely and expertly with you to custom design your keepsake quilt / t shirt quilt. Pictured in the gallery is a t shirt quilt made from a girl’s old tees and prom dress.


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Testimonials: Custom Blankets, Fur Throw, Fur Blanket, T Shirt Quilt

“What a great use for my big old mink coat. The fur throw looks fabulous fabulous on my sofa. The workmanship is superb. Many thanks.” ~ Lillian L., Phoenix, AZ

“I can’t figure out how you took my mom’s plush car coats and combined them to make a wonderful fur throw. With memories of my mom, the fur throw will keep me warm all winter in New Hampshire.” – Marcia B., Manchester, NH

“I sent Rita an outdated, but beautiful, mink jacket belonging to my recently deceased Mother… I wanted to share it with my 2 brothers as a Christmas gift in memory of our Mom, who we all remember her wearing it… Rita worked closely with me by email and phone to make these pillows adding personal touches. I received them today and can attest that the finished pillow will STUN you, compared to mere a photograph. The fur pillows are so beautiful, warm, and cozy-looking. If you are considering sending you family fur (or other item) to ReMinkie to make a keepsake, I would definitely endorse ReMinkie …the service and quality are outstanding.” ~ Judith T. Fairhope, Alabama

“I’m amazed that an old mink stole could make the two beautiful fur pillows that I see in my den.” ~ Cindy F, Atlanta GA