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Condolence Gifts: Memory Bears

Sympathy Gifts, Memorial Gifts, Bereavement Gifts

Sympathy Gifts: Traditional vs Unique

It’s often difficult to know what to say or do when a friend or loved one is grieving. Acknowledging the loss is extremely important. A sympathy gift can be a perfect way to send the message that you care deeply.

Traditionally many send flowers as sympathy gifts. However, this often leaves the grieving person with more flowers arrangements than they can count. It addition, it’s not a gift that lasts. Watching flowers wither and die isn’t necessarily comforting when someone is grieving. So you may want to choose a sympathy gift with a longer lifespan.

Sympathy Gifts: Alternatives to Sending Flowers

Condolence Gifts: Memory Bears

Condolence Gifts: Memory Bears. Memory Bears made from clothing (old neckties). Recycled clothes.

Sometimes families have left instructions of what to give “in lieu of flowers.” You may want to contact the funeral home to ask if the family has offered an “in lieu of flowers” suggestion.

Alternatives to sending flowers include: gifting a plant, tree or shrub; keepsake boxes; garden stones; putting together a memorial album; and more.

If you’re looking for a gift that offers both meaning and comfort, you want to consider a memory bear or memory quilt.

Memory bears and memory quilts can be made out of any clothing (including furs and neckties) that belonged to or are reminiscent of the person who passed away.

They offer comfort to all ages — from grieving children to grieving seniors. Memory bears and memory quilts are sympathy gifts that can be hugged and snuggled and wept-on, as needed. They are known to provide comfort to those who are suffering from a loss.

We make memory bears and memory quilts from all types of clothing and materials — including baby blankets; school and work uniforms; old t shirts; neckties; old fur coats and mink stoles; and much more. Thinking of something unique? We can create custom keepsakes, based on your needs.

Sympathy Gift for Yourself

If you have lost someone, you may want to give a memory bear or memory quilt to yourself. Self-care is very important during times of loss and grief. Having a bear or quilt that reminds you of the one you love — and is also great to cuddle — can be a great comfort.

Please call me, Rita, with any questions: 800-373-6465.

Old Fur Coat: What to Do with Old Fur Coats?

What to Do with Old Fur Coats? Choose Your Keepsake!

Memory Bear from Old Fur Coat

See the transformation from an old fur coat to a beautiful, furry memory bear! Transform and repurpose your old furs into wonderful keepsakes too.

Wondering “what to do with old fur coats” — then you’ve come to the right place. We offer several answers to that question. We transform old fur coats into custom decor and beautiful keepsakes. Options include: Memory Bears, Fur Throws, Fur Pillows and more.

What to Do with Old Fur Coats: Discover Your Options

If you’re wondering “what to do with old fur coats” — you have a variety of wonderful options. Learn more about your options below. In addition, we accept special requests for custom decor and keepsakes. Please click on any images to enlarge.

Memory Bears

Memory Bear and Custom Pillow

Bolster Pillow made from Old Fur Coat

Let us transform your old furs into memory bears. Memory bears make adorable, huggable and comforting keepsakes. We make the highest quality memory bears from old furs. We also make memory bears from old clothing and neckties. This is an excellent way to recycle old clothing as well as honor the memory of a loved one who passed away. Our teddy bears come with muslin lining, moveable joints, child-safe noses, and exquisite stitching and details. We offer monogramming, personalized clothing, and more for your memory bears.

Fur Throws

Fur Throws / Custom BlanketsFur throws are a wonderful solution for recycling old fur coats. With fur throws, we transform old furs into stunning and functional decor. Fur throws can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the amount of fur you send to us. No need to leave old fur coats hanging uselessly in the closet. Instead, snuggle up with a beautiful, cozy and custom-designed fur throw.

Fur Pillows

Custom Pillows / Fur Pillows

Custom Pillows from Old Fur Coat

Fur pillows make gorgeous accents and keepsakes from old fur coats. Fur pillows are perfect adornments for your bedroom or living room.

You no longer need to wonder “what to do with old fur coats”! As you can see, you have plenty of options at ReMinkie. Recycle old fur coats into custom decor for your home. Many customers ask us to transform a loved one’s old fur coats into a keepsake and family heirloom to treasure for a lifetime.

What to Do with Old Fur Coats: Special Requests

Please let us know if you have any special requests for “what to do with old fur coats”. At one customer’s request, we made soft, warm mittens from her mother’s old furs.

Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions. I am always excited to help customers figure out what to do with old fur coats.

For current pricing, please visit our pricing page.

Keepsake Quilting. Photo of keepsake quilt made from old clothing / neckties.

Keepsake Quilting: Turn Old Neckties into a Keepsake Quilt!


Keepsake Quilting. Photo of keepsake quilt made from old clothing / neckties.Got old neckties? Not sure what to do with old clothing? We can help! At ReMinkie, we transform an array of old clothing, furs, neckties, and more into custom keepsakes.

Pictured above is a keepsake quilt that we made from a man’s old neckties. Keepsake quilting is a wonderful way to preserve memories of a loved one. We turn old neckties and old clothing into keepsake quilts for you and your loved ones.

Don’t toss out the old! Turn it into something brand new. At ReMinkie, we’re delighted to repurpose old clothing into custom keepsakes. With 20 years experience and expert craftsmanship, we create high quality keepsakes for our customers.

Keepsake quilting with girl's old clothing, including t-shirts and prom dress

Keepsake Quilts & Custom Quilts from Old Clothing

At ReMinkie, we turn all types of clothing into custom keepsakes. We create keepsake quilts, memory bears, custom pillows, custom blankets, and more. Customers from all over the world send us nostalgic material to transform into keepsakes.

Keepsake Quilts Photos

Pictured immediately below is a keepsake quilt designed for a beloved daughter. She received this unique, custom quilt as a birthday gift from her family. We designed this quilt out of the daughter’s old t-shirts. We bordered the quilt with one of her favorite dresses which she wore to her prom (and had outgrown). Click on any of the images to enlarge photos.

Keepsake quilting with girl's old clothing, including t-shirts and prom dress

Pictured directly below is a keepsake quilt made from a beloved husband’s old clothing — sent to us by his wife. He was a hunter. Therefore, much of the quilt is made from denim fabric and khaki shirts.

Custom Keepsake Quilt made from man's old clothing, hunting shirts and pants

At ReMinkie, we love keepsake quilting. We create custom keepsake quilts from any material, including neckties, old clothing, coats, etc.

ReMinkie Featured in AJC Article

Atlanta Journal Constitution Recommends ReMinkie Memory Bears and Custom Keepsakes!

On January 25, 2015, ReMinkie Memory Bears was recommended by Sabine Morrow in her section “Where Can I Find It?” for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

In the column, a reader explains that he’s recently received his 90-year-old mother’s Black Diamond mink coat with sable collar. He would like to turn the fur coat into a beautiful throw, but he doesn’t know the best company for this. In response, Sabine Morrow writes:

“Lance, you’re in luck. I found Rita Glosser who runs ReMinkie Memory Bears and Custom Keepsakes, which transforms fur coats or stoles into stuffed bears, blanket or throws. She started the business 21 years ago, after retiring to Florida. Her first project was turning her mother’s fur stole into a teddy bear. Today, ReMinkie also takes those old neckties and turns them into pillows, quilts, and yes, bears. And for horse fanciers, ReMinkie turns that favorite horse blanket into lovely custom pillows. Her price for a throw is $795, and she uses a velvet cotton backing so the throw won’t slip or slide when you place it on a chair or bed…”

We appreciate the recommendation! We always welcome more opportunities to transform old furs, fabrics and neckties into beautiful keepsakes. Thanks to Sabine Morrow and AJC for the referral.

AJC Column Recommending ReMinkie

ReMinkie Featured in AJC Article


Keepsake quilting with clothing

Keepsake Quilting

Keepsake quilting is a wonderful way to preserve memories of loved ones and milestones. We design keepsake quilts as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, and more. Imagine giving or receiving a quilt that literally unites fabric from a person’s life. Keepsake quilting can feature family trees and history, sports teams, collegiate pride, and so much more.

Keepsake Quilting of the Highest Quality

Keepsake Quilt

We recycled a customer’s old neckties into a treasured keepsake quilt, an heirloom with wonderful memories.

Not everyone has the time or space to start keepsake quilting. This is why we create custom keepsake quilts for you. Whether you want a keepsake quilt to commemorate a person, family, group, or event, we have the experience and expertise to create a keepsake to last a lifetime. Our high quality keepsake quilts feature cut velvet as backing. Chief designer, Rita Glosser, has been creating keepsakes for over 20 years. Just like our memory bears, our quilts are 100% made in the USA. Quilt sizes include throw/lap quilts, twin quilts, full/double quilts, queen quilts, king quilts, California king, but sizing may also depend on the amount of material you send to us.

Keepsake Quilting for Memorials

Keepsake quilting is a beautiful way to preserve memories of those who have passed away. We create keepsake quilts out of a wide variety of materials that customers send to us. Keepsake quilting can include college tees, sports emblems, shirts, pants, coats, furs, wedding dresses, neckties, scarves, uniforms, badges — any belonging or reminder of your loved one that can be sewn into a quilt. The greatest value in keepsake quilting is the sentimental value. Read about the importance of a keepsake for you and your family.

Keepsake Quilting with Baby Clothes

Keepsake quilting with baby clothes definitely has a high cuteness factor. Using baby clothes for keepsake quilting is a perfect way to preserve baby memories as well as extend the life of baby clothes that children outgrow so quickly. Sort through all the adorable baby clothes your child has collected and received as gifts. Once you select the ones that mean the most to you, send them to us… and we’ll design a keepsake quilt for you. We can incorporate monograms and special items into your keepsake quilt.

Memory Bears: Memory Bear made from Keepsake QuiltBaby Quilt Size

What is the best baby quilt size? Generally, a baby quilt should be big enough for a baby’s crib, baby’s car seat, and on the floor for play. Popular baby quilt sizes are:

  • 42 inches square
  • 45 inches by 48 inches

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Memory Bears: Video Screenshot

ReMinkie Memory Bears Featured on Video!

We hope you enjoy this video featuring our beautiful, high quality memory bears.

In this video, you’ll see examples of our fur memory bears, fabric memory bears, and necktie memory bears. The video shows memory bears made from a father’s NY Yankees shirts, a mother’s old fur coat, and a dad’s Santa Suit — given as Christmas gifts.

In addition, the video includes samples of our custom pillows (custom fur pillows, custom fabric pillows, custom necktie pillows); custom throws and keepsake quilts; as well as our custom scarves.

Order Your ReMinkie Memory Bears Today

Turn your loved one’s furs, clothing, coats, uniforms, neckties, and more into a beautiful and treasured keepsake! Our memory bears, custom pillows, and custom blankets can be personalized and monogrammed for you and your loved ones.

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