Old Fur Coat: What to Do with Old Fur Coats?

What to Do with Old Fur Coats? Choose Your Keepsake!

Memory Bear from Old Fur Coat

See the transformation from an old fur coat to a beautiful, furry memory bear! Transform and repurpose your old furs into wonderful keepsakes too.

Wondering “what to do with old fur coats” — then you’ve come to the right place. We offer several answers to that question. We transform old fur coats into custom decor and beautiful keepsakes. Options include: Memory Bears, Fur Throws, Fur Pillows and more.

What to Do with Old Fur Coats: Discover Your Options

If you’re wondering “what to do with old fur coats” — you have a variety of wonderful options. Learn more about your options below. In addition, we accept special requests for custom decor and keepsakes. Please click on any images to enlarge.

Memory Bears

Memory Bear and Custom Pillow

Bolster Pillow made from Old Fur Coat

Let us transform your old furs into memory bears. Memory bears make adorable, huggable and comforting keepsakes. We make the highest quality memory bears from old furs. We also make memory bears from old clothing and neckties. This is an excellent way to recycle old clothing as well as honor the memory of a loved one who passed away. Our teddy bears come with muslin lining, moveable joints, child-safe noses, and exquisite stitching and details. We offer monogramming, personalized clothing, and more for your memory bears.

Fur Throws

Fur Throws / Custom BlanketsFur throws are a wonderful solution for recycling old fur coats. With fur throws, we transform old furs into stunning and functional decor. Fur throws can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the amount of fur you send to us. No need to leave old fur coats hanging uselessly in the closet. Instead, snuggle up with a beautiful, cozy and custom-designed fur throw.

Fur Pillows

Custom Pillows / Fur Pillows

Custom Pillows from Old Fur Coat

Fur pillows make gorgeous accents and keepsakes from old fur coats. Fur pillows are perfect adornments for your bedroom or living room.

You no longer need to wonder “what to do with old fur coats”! As you can see, you have plenty of options at ReMinkie. Recycle old fur coats into custom decor for your home. Many customers ask us to transform a loved one’s old fur coats into a keepsake and family heirloom to treasure for a lifetime.

What to Do with Old Fur Coats: Special Requests

Please let us know if you have any special requests for “what to do with old fur coats”. At one customer’s request, we made soft, warm mittens from her mother’s old furs.

Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions. I am always excited to help customers figure out what to do with old fur coats.

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Mittens. Fur mittens made from a mother's old fur coat. Pictured is the front of the mittens.

Mittens Made From a Mother’s Fur Coat

Recently, as a gift from a brother to a sister, we received a request to make mittens from a beloved mother’s old fur coat. In our customer’s own words:

Rita, the mittens are for my sister. I think the light mink would be nice since that is from my mother’s coat. Thanks, Father Alan

At ReMinkie, we love new and exciting challenges! So we were absolutely delighted to make mittens from the fur of an old mink coat. Ultimately, we are even more delighted that our customer is pleased with the result. In his own words, he writes:

Rita, the mittens are so beautiful. My sister loved them, not only because of their quality, but because they are from my mother’s coat. I will send a picture when it is cold and and the snow is deep. Thank you for your good work. It is a blessing for us. ~ Father Alan

If you have any special requests, please let us know. We love to transform fur coats or old clothing into custom keepsakes. We make scarves, hats, pillows, blankets, throws, quilts, memory bears, and more.

Mittens – Front and Back Photos

Below are front and back photos of the fur mittens. What a wonderful way to repurpose a loved one’s old coat! These will keep the daughter warm in winter, and remind her of her dear mother every time she puts them on.

Mittens. Fur mittens made from a mother's old fur coat. Pictured is the front of the mittens.


If you have old furs hanging in closets, don’t let them go to waste. Give the gift of a keepsake to yourself and your loved ones. If you’ve got an usual request, don’t hesitate to ask! We welcome the invitation to create a cherished keepsake for you. We have even made horse decor from equestrians old horse blankets. We’ve been in this business for over twenty years, and we love that we never know what we might make next.