Memory Bear and Girl

Teddy Bear vs Memory Bear: Who Wins?

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Teddy bears make great baby gifts, gifts for girls, and gifts for boys, too. No matter one’s age or gender, a beautiful teddy bear is sure to win over many hearts. But not all teddy bears are created equal.

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we design personalized teddy bears with great significance, meaning, and sentimental value. Made from customer’s clothing, furs, fabrics and more, our memory bears are built on real lives and beloved memories. Each teddy bear comes to life with materials from a customer’s own life and/or the life of a loved one.

As a result, a memory bear is not just any old teddy bear. It’s a keepsake; a treasured and timeless gift to last a lifetime. Memory bears beat the teddybear competition because they are truly unique; a gift like no other. While so many teddy bears look alike, difficult to distinguish apart, a memory bear will always stand out as a one-of-a-kind and intimate reminder of a person, event, or milestone in our lives.

Sure, everyone likes a teddy bear, but a memory bear has longer staying power, deeper significance, and an absolutely priceless value.

Memory Bears Instead of Teddy Bears for Kids


Recently we designed a special bear for a beautiful girl named Coco. Pictured above, Coco sits with her very own memory bear by ReMinkie. Her ReMinkie bear was created from an old Burberry shirt. Coco’s mother sent us the lovely photo and wrote the following:

“Rita, here is Coco with her memory bear. She absolutely loves it!”

At ReMinkie, we love what we do — creating high quality keepsakes and very happy customers! We have nothing against teddy bears. We have simply witnessed the love, joy, comfort, and solace that only a memory bear offers. If you would like to learn more about ReMinkie memory bears, call Rita Glosser at 800-373-6465.

ReMinkie Memory Bears in the News!

Upcycled Clothing as Keepsakes by ReMinkie Memory Bears


ReMinkie Memory Bears is in the news (again)! In Organized: Create a keepsake with neckties,” Marla Ottenstien mentions that we have upcycled clothing and neckties in memory of loved ones who have passed away.

After her father passes away, a daughter discovers 275 assorted ties in his closet. She donates most of her father’s old clothes, but finds herself unable to part with his neckties. She explains:

“My father was the most stylish guy you’d ever meet. Never one for sartorial excess, his closets were carefully curated to include only those items which were comfortable, tasteful and well tailored, but most importantly, not pretentious. When it came to ties, he wouldn’t dream of wearing something as mundane as a “repp” tie (a thick striped tie), nor would he ever wear ubiquitous designer ties with little elephants, monkeys or horse bits lined up like perfect soldiers. Instead, he favored brightly colored and bold designs of graphic artist and master colorist Gene Meyer, whose ties were a favorite among “those in the know” before anyone even knew they were cool.”

Upcycled Clothing as Keepsakes

Wondering what to do with old clothes, coats and neckties hanging in the closet? At ReMinkie, we have upcycled clothing as keepsakes, including memory bears, custom pillows, custom scarves, custom blankets and throws.

After a loved one passes away, you may find yourself with an abundance of old clothes. Custom keepsakes and memory bears are a meaningful way to repurpose and upcycle clothes. We create memory bears and custom keepsakes from furs, fabrics, neckties, scarves, hats, coats, jeans, sweaters — any clothing with sentimental value to you or a loved one.