Memory Bears by ReMinkie

Memorial Gifts by ReMinkie Memory Bears

Popular memory gifts include engraved jewelry, stones, crosses, chimes, and more. While these can make lovely memorial gifts, they are simply not as meaningful as gifts crafted from your loved one’s belongings.

At ReMinkie, we create memory bears as memorial gifts. Our memory bears are made from fabrics, furs and/or neckties belonging to the one who has passed away. As a result, our bears are deeply meaningful memorial gifts.

Personalized Memorial Gifts
from a Beloved’s Life

As memorial gifts, our bears are personalized with tangible items from a loved one’s life. Memory bears can be made with a beloved’s shirts, pants, coats, dresses, uniforms, neckties, buttons, badges, scarves, blankets, and so much more. To further personalize the bears, we can add monogramming or messages. If you prefer, we’ll turn any fabric or fur into custom pillows or custom blankets for you.

Comforting Memorial Gifts to Hold and Hug

As memorial gifts, our memory bears are especially personal, meaningful and comforting. Not only do our memory bears inspire beautiful memories of joy and love, they also inspire hugs. In times of loss and grief, what is more soothing that a soft, huggable bear made from your loved one’s belongings!
Our customers appreciate that they can embrace the beautiful bears we make for them, particularly when they feel the need for a comforting hug. And who doesn’t, every now and then?

Eco-Friendly Memorial Gifts from Recycled Materials

Our customers are overjoyed to receive bears designed with a husband’s favorite neckties or a mother’s favorite fur coat. When we create memory bears, we are recycling and repurposing a loved one’s clothing and accessories into a memorial gift with incredible sentiment and beauty.

Next time you’re searching for the best memorial gifts, give us a call. Instead of the usual memorial gifts, consider the sentimental value of memory bears. In memory of loved ones, we’ve created memory bears as family gifts — so everyone has their own bear to hug and to hold.

Memory Bears for the Whole Family

Memory Bears as Family Gifts and Keepsakes

Looking for family gifts? Give family bears to the whole family! At ReMinkie Memory Bears and Custom Keepsakes, we create family bears for children and adults alike.


The Smith family is pictured above with their family bears by ReMinkie. The Smith children are pictured below with their keepsake bears.

Memory Bears as Family Gifts

After receiving their ReMinkie bears, the Smith family reported back to us:

The memory bears were a huge hit!

Family Gifts to Treasure Forever

ReMinkie family bears are both meaningful and eco-friendly. They’re made from old furs or fabrics with sentimental and nostalgic value to YOU. A beautiful keepsake, memory bears are perfect as family gifts to pass from generation to generation — along with family histories and family stories. ReMinkie bears are treasured by adults and children alike.