Memory Bears

Patriotic Memory Bears Celebrating Soliders and the USA

ReMinkie Memory Bears makes all types of personalized teddy bears, including patriotic memory bears in red, white and blue. Pictured below is a memory bear celebrating the “land of the free” — perfect for the 4th of July.


Memory Bears for the Children of Fallen Soldiers

We also make memory bears from the uniforms of loved ones who have passed away, such as a fallen soldier. Memory bears can be an especially comforting gift for children in times of loss. Created from the uniform of a parent who has passed away, a memory bear is a cute, soft and cuddly keepsake for a child to hug and hold.

Memory Teddy Bears / Personalized Teddy Bears

Memory Teddy Bears / Personalized Teddy Bears

Memory Bears / Personalized Teddy Bears

Memory Bears / Personalized Teddy Bears

Memory Bears Made in the USA

All of our memory bears are made in the USA. Our patriotic memory bears are perfect gifts for soldiers, marines, veterans, and anyone who’s proud to be an American. For you or your loved ones, we can make memory bears out of any uniform, fabric, neckties or fur, including:

  • Army Memory Bears
  • Navy Memory Bears
  • Military Memory Bears
  • Firefighter Memory Bears
  • Police Officer Memory Bears
ReMinkie Memory Bears

ReMinkie Memory Bears: Gifts for Patients of Alzheimer’s Disease


We are very pleased to have created a collection of ReMinkie Memory Bears for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Recently, we received a call from the husband of a Methodist Minister in North Carolina. In his possession, he had an old fur coat that once belonged to his late mother. Since his minister wife has no use for the fur coat, they wanted to put the coat to “good use.”

When he spotted an advertisement for ReMinkie Memory Bears, he felt it was truly a “blessing” to be able to something good with the coat; something that would help the folks in their congregation.

Memory Bears are Healing and Loving Gifts for the Sick

From the mother’s fur coat, we designed several beautiful ReMinkie Memory Bears. The bears will be given to members of the minister’s congregation who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our memory bears are soft, huggable, and extremely well-made. They can offer comfort to anyone going through difficult or stressful times. In some instances, memory bears can help patients and families express feelings that are bottled up. There is nothing like holding onto a cute and comforting memory bear to help us all feel closer to ourselves and our loved ones.

Memory bears are healing and loving gifts, and we’re so happy to know that they are in the hands of those in need. At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we design memory bears as gifts for patients, memorial gifts, hospice gifts, get well gifts, get well wishes, and so much more.

Memorial Quotes with ReMinkie Memory Bears

Memorial and Remembrance Quotes with ReMinkie Memory Bears

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we often design memory bears for those who have lost a loved one. A memory bear — tenderly handcrafted and designed with your loved one’s clothing, neckties, furs — is a beautiful keepsake to hug in your arms as you hold onto your memories. Below is a collection of memorial and remembrance quotes along with graphics featuring our ReMinkie memory bears.


Loving memories never die,
as years roll on and days pass by.
In our hearts a memory is kept,
of ones we loved and will never forget.


A life that touches others goes on forever.


Your life was a blessing,
your memory a treasure.
You are loved beyond words
and missed beyond measure.


I wrote your name on the sand …
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name on the sky …
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name on my heart …
and forever it will stay.


There are special people in our lives who never leave us… even after they are gone.


Goodbye is not forever.
Goodbye is not the end.
It simply means I’ll miss you
until we meet again.


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.


The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.