Memory Bear

Surprise Your Spouse with a Love Bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears!

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to express your love for your spouse or significant other. A love bear by ReMinkie Memory Bears is an especially meaningful and personal gift for a loved one, any time of the year.

Love bears can be made from furs, neckties or fabric — anything that has special significance and nostalgia for you and your beloved. Is there a piece of clothing or material that is filled with memories of your marriage or history together? Perhaps a bridal gown, tux, or something you wore on a special occasion or at an event together. Over the years, we have transformed hundreds of treasured pieces of clothing and material into love bears and memory bears. Uniforms, coats, shirts and ties, baby blankets, and so much more.

Love Bear from Husband to Wife

Pictured above is a love bear given as a special gift from a husband to his wife. This memory bear is made from his wife’s old fur. In her own words…

My husband snuck my mink stole out of my closet and surprised me with the love bear sitting on my sofa. What a wonderful surprise! ~ Sarasota, Florida

Would you like to surprise your loved one with a memory bear full of love and meaning? Call Rita at 800-373-6465 to discuss the perfect memory bear for your spouse, significant other, or anyone dear to your heart.

Memory Bear / Bride Bear

ReMinkie Memory Bears as Anniversary Gifts and Wedding Gifts!

At ReMinkie Memory Bears, we love making memory bears as anniversary gifts and wedding gifts. What a wonderful surprise for a groom to give his beautiful bride; a husband or wife to give to a beloved spouse; a mother to give to her darling daughter on this momentous occasion in her life.

Over the years, we have created memory bears out of bridal dresses as well as neckties worn by groom and groomsmen. Memory bears make a perfect anniversary and wedding keepsake — to commemorate a couple’s love and commitment to each other. Soft, huggable, and made of the highest quality, ReMinkie Memory Bears are designed to last a lifetime.

Bride Bear: Memory Bear for 40th Wedding Anniversary

Pictured below is our most recent Bride Bear Memory Bear — designed as a 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift. Here are words from our client…

May 18th, 2014, is our 40th anniversary, and I can’t think of a neater thing to do than make a ReMinkie memory bear from my wedding dress. The dress was made by my mother 40 years ago. ~ Grandview, TX

Memory Bear / Bride BearBride Memory Bears Bears as Wedding & Anniversary Gifts

Would you like a bride bear, groom bear, wedding bear, anniversary bear? Call Rita at 800-373-6465 to discuss a memory bear for a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, and more.

Boy with one of our memory bears

Memory Bears for and in Memory of Children

Boy with one of our memory bearsPictured to the right is a beautiful birthday boy with one of our memory bears. His mother ordered this memory bear and gave it to her son as a birthday gift. We handcrafted his memory bear from his very own baby clothes.

Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, your baby is a teenager! Our memory bears are a wonderful way to celebrate the milestones in a child’s life. We make memory bears as birthday gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, new baby gifts, and more.

Memory Bears: To Hug and To Hold

Memory Bears by ReMinkiePictured to the left is one of our memory bears made in memory of a child named Drew. Due to a drunk driver, he died far too young. Below are words from his mother.

“This is a bear that was made for me… it is made from a shirt, shorts & socks that were Drews. Thank you, Rita. This is my comfort bear!” ~ Debbie

We cannot lessen the grief when a parent outlives a child, but we hope to provide comfort with a keepsake. Our memory bears are here for you to hug as you hold onto your memories of your beloved daughter or son.

Memory Bear by Rita Glosser of ReMinkie Memory Bears

Memory Bears as Retirement Gifts

Over the years, we have made many memory bears as retirement gifts. Pictured to the right is a retirement bear made for a pilot who worked for Delta Air Lines for 30 years.

When your friend, coworker or supervisor is retiring, give a meaningful and unique gift. Our memory bears are keepsakes, crafted from materials you send to us. Our bears are designed to remind your recipients of their years of dedication and achievement, as well as the wonderful people they met along the way.

Retirement is a big transition in people’s lives, worthy of a very special gift. Of course, for some people, retirement is a welcome relief, and our memory bears can celebrate the freedom of retirement, too. Depending on your needs, your retirement bear can be fun or formal, lighthearted or serious.

Choosing Materials

Our retirement bears are made from fabrics, furs or neckties that you send to us. Great materials for retirement bears include uniforms, business ties, fabric with company mascots or company colors. Feel free to Contact Rita for ideas for your retirement bear.

Pricing and Shipping

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