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Memory Bears for Orlando Victims

We Stand with the Orlando Victims

We stand with Orlando / Orlando VictimsAll of us at ReMinkie are shocked and appalled by the Orlando Shooting on June 12, 2016. In this horrific mass shooting, 49 innocent people were killed and 53 more were injured. The Orlando victims were struck down while enjoying a night out at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Florida. Our hearts go out to the Orlando victims as well as their friends and families during this painful and difficult time.

At ReMinkie, our expertise is often called upon during times of tragedy, grief and loss. We frequently make memory bears in honor and memory of loved ones who have passed away. For those who are left behind; those who are grieving deeply, a memory bear is a soft, beautiful and huggable keepsake.

Our memory bears are made from the clothes and/or belongings of the loved one who has died. We have designed bears out of shirts, jeans, pants, blouses, neckties, uniforms, tees, fur coats, and much more. We have adorned memory bears with jewelry that belonged to the deceased. Memory bears often become a treasured keepsake. Each is a one-of-a-kind remembrance of the loved one.

We are grateful that our memory bears offer solace and comfort during difficult times. We are rewarded whenever we hear that our bears have helped with the healing process. We know there’s no simple formula to cope with unbearable loss, but we also know that very few people can resist hugging a memory bear.

Again, we extend our sympathies for all the Orlando victims as well as all who knew and loved them. You have our support. We only wish there were magical words that could ease away the pain.

Making Teddy Bears Out of Clothes

Memory Bear: Making Teddy Bears Out of ClothesMaking teddy bears out of clothes has been ReMinkie’s specialty for over 20 years.

Making Teddy Bears Out of Clothes

Memorial Teddy Bears

Making teddy bears out of clothes is a beautiful way to preserve memories of loved ones who have passed away. We have made memorial teddy bears out of the clothes of beloved spouses, parents, grandparents and more. We have transformed clothes into comforting memory bears to hug and hold during times of grief and loss. Clothes include old fur coats, neckties, pants, jeans, shirts, blouses, uniforms and more.

Retirement Bears

Making teddy bears out of clothes can be a wonderful way to honor a recent retiree. We have made memory bears out of police uniforms, pilot uniforms, boy scout uniforms and much more. We have even made a colorful memory bear for a retiring teacher who wore fun neckties to school each day.

Kids & Baby Clothes

Have your children outgrown old clothes? A memory bear can be a wonderful way to repurpose and recycle clothes by making teddy bears out of clothes. Memory bears make meaningful birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, and much more. We can personalize teddy bears with monograms, t-shirts and more.

Clothes in Your Closet

Do you have old clothes hanging in your own closet? Maybe an old fur coat you don’t wear anymore. Making teddy bears out of clothes is a fabulous way to “go green.” Repurpose and recycle clothes with memory bears. We also make custom pillows, throws and quilts out of old clothes (including furs and neckties).

If you have any questions about memory bears, please feel free to call Rita Glosser: 800-373-6465.

Memory Bears as Christmas Gifts

Memory Bears as Christmas Gifts. Four brown fur memory bears made as holiday gifts for grandchildren.

The holiday season will soon be upon us. Already we have customers shopping for the holidays. Pictured above are four adorable memory bears. We recently made these memory bears from old furs. They will be given as Christmas gifts to several beloved grandchildren. Beautiful red bows give the furry teddy bears the perfect Christmas accent.

If you have old red furs or fabrics, send them to ReMinkie to make Christmas gifts for your loved ones. We can make personalized teddy bears, custom pillows, custom blankets and throws, keepsake quilts, and more. Custom keepsakes — made from sentimental materials — make the most personal and meaningful gifts. Below are more memory bears made as holiday gifts in the past few years.

Photos of Memory Bears as Christmas Gifts

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, we can make keepsakes for you and your loved ones. Add joy to your holidays with creative and custom keepsakes. Why give generic store-bought gifts when you can give a keepsake to last a lifetime? Feel free to call Rita to discuss ordering holiday and Christmas gifts.

Memory Bears for Christmas Gifts

Memory Bears as Christmas Gifts

ReMinkie Memory Bears Featured on the News!

We hope you enjoy the following news clips about ReMinkie Memory Bears. Rita Glosser — founder of ReMinkie Memory Bears — has made appearances on many news outlets to discuss the positive impact of her memory bears and custom keepsakes.

ReMinkie Memory Bears on Bay 9 News

In the following video, Rita Glosser is interviewed by Bay 9 News. Rita discusses how she turns sentimental items into lasting memories. She’s passionate about the teddy bears she makes. These are not your average bears. They’re made from sentimental and old clothing, including fur and mink coats. Rita says that every bear has a story; the bears seem to come alive and offer comfort to her customers. She came up with the idea of making memory bears after her mother gave her an old stole coat. Since she knew her daughter would never wear it, Rita decided to transform the stole into a teddy bear for her first grandchild. Bears can be made from furs, old clothing, and treasured fabrics. According to a customer, her daughters were deeply touched to receive memory bears made out of their grandmother’s coat. Nothing pleases Rita more than happy customers.

ReMinkie Memory Bears on SNN 6 News

In the following video, Rita Glosser appears on SNN 6 News. She discusses her decision to start her own memory bear business, and how she feels that she gives a piece of herself to every bear she makes. Rita makes memory bears from old clothing such as shirts, jackets, neckties, uniforms, fur coats. In this video, she shows a bear made from a baby blanket. She tells a story about a woman who lost her son. She gave Rita his old sports jackets, which she turned into a bear. She also mentions about a woman who lost her husband. She sent Rita her late husband’s neckties. Rita transformed the ties into a memory bear in honor of the woman’s husband.

Making Memory Bears: Before and After Photos

Turn something old into something new! At ReMinkie, this is what we do. We recently transformed a woman’s old jacket into a beautiful, brand new memory bear. We added a colorful bow and personalized the bear’s paw with a monogram. View before and after photos below.

BEFORE: The Woman’s Jacket

Making Memory Bears: Before Photo of Jacket

AFTER: The Memory Bear

Making Memory Bears: After Photo of Memory Bear

At ReMinkie, we turn old clothing, coats, furs, hats, neckties, and more into memory bears, custom pillows, custom blankets, keepsake quilts, seat cushions, and much more!

Memory Bears with Personalized T-Shirts

Memory Bears with Personalized T-Shirts. These personalized teddy bears have t-shirts.

Pictured above are three personalized teddy bears. These beautiful fur bears were made for a woman’s grandchildren. Two of the bears feature personalized t-shirts: Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Fort Myers Beach.

We love adding personalized touches to our memory bears. We can add t-shirts, bowties, neckties, ribbons, hats, accessories, monograms, and much more. Personalized teddy bears make the best gifts and keepsakes for any occasion.

We make personalized teddy bears for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts (bride and groom!), graduation gifts, and more. We are a small business with a big heart. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have: 800-373-6465.

Minions Memory Bears

Memory Bears: One in a Minion

Memory Bear: Minions Bear, Personalized Teddy Bear made from Minions T-Shirt. Memory Bear made in honor of a sister who passed away. She was a fan of Minions.

We recently designed Minions bears for a woman whose sister passed away. We created the memory bears from the beloved sister’s Minions t-shirts. One of the bears has a removable blue jacket (shown below). In the photo above is a snapshot of the sister who is being honored and remembered by these bears. She’s posing with two “Minions.” She was a huge fan of the Minions from the Despicable Me films.

Memory Bear: Minions Bear, Personalized Teddy Bear made from Minions T-Shirt. Memory Bear made in honor of a sister who passed away. She was a fan of Minions. Memory Bear: Minions Bear, Personalized Teddy Bear made from Minions T-Shirt. Memory Bear made in honor of a sister who passed away. She was a fan of Minions.

Keepsakes: Custom Pillow & Matching Bear

Custom Pillow and matching Memory Bear -- made from old furs.

Recently we also made a custom pillow and bear (pictured immediately above) for another customer. At ReMinkie, we love to transform your old clothing and old furs into custom pillows, custom throws, personalized teddy bears, and much more. We create the highest-quality custom keepsakes to last a lifetime.

Customer Photos of Memory Bears

Our wonderful customers often send us pictures of the memory bears we have made for them.

Memory Bear with Monogramming

Nancy Wade LeCain sent us the photo (above) of a ReMinkie fur bear. We created this memory bear from her mother’s mink stole. We added a red bow and a monogrammed bib. Here is what Nancy wrote to us:

I had one bear made from my mom’s mink stole and another from my dad’s ties. They are treasured heirlooms; perfect way to hold the memories.

Memory Bear. Sitting on Sofa. Red Bow. Fur Bear. Personalized Teddy Bear.

Jean Popp Pachulski sent us the photo (immediately above) of a ‎ReMinkie fur bear. We designed this memory bear from her mother’s fur stole. We added a big, beautiful red bow. Here is what Jean wrote to us:

This is my bear made with my mom’s fur stole. It is one of my most treasured possessions. She is almost twenty years old. I look forward to making a couple of more for my grandchildren. Thank you Rita

Memory Bear – Made from Wedding Gown

Memory Bears - made from Wedding Gown. Memory Bear pictured with cute baby. Wedding bear. Personalized Teddy Bear.

Pictured above is a memory bear by Rita Glosser of ReMinkie. This personalized teddy bear was made from a grandmother’s wedding gown and given to her adorable granddaughter. The bear and baby are pictured together. The bear includes a beautiful bow and details from the wedding dress sewn on the chest, sleeves, and legs. Like all our memory bears, this bear is child-safe and fully-jointed with movable limbs. Here is the message we received from our happy customer:

Dearest Rita, This is our sweet granddaughter Lia, with the beautiful ReMinkie bear you had made from my wedding gown. Aren’t they just the sweetest things? Thanks so much. I think of you often, and hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Paula Diaco

Memory Bear as Mother’s Day Gift

Memory Bear by Rita of ReMinkie.com. White fur bear made from fox stole. Given as Mother's Day gift.

Pictured above is a memory bear — made from a mother’s old clothing (a fox fur stole). She gave this bear as a Mother’s Day gift to her daughter. What a sweet keepsake to pass from mother to daughter! Like all our memory bears, this beautiful white fur bear has movable limbs. It’s made from the highest quality materials with expert craftsmanship.