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Memory Bears & Custom Keepsakes by ReMinkie

Memory Bear and Custom PillowFor over 20 years, Rita Glosser has been creating memory bears in memory and honor of loved ones.

Commemorate a loved one or celebrate a milestone (birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, new baby, new home, etc.)

Rita transforms your furs, fabric, neckties, and more into high-quality, fully-jointed memory bears and custom keepsakes.

Do you have old furs hanging in your closet or baby blankets stuffed in trunks? Rita can craft memory bears from all kinds of materials, including mink, neckties, jeans, sports jackets, shirts, blankets, wedding gown, uniforms, robes — whatever you send to her to create a lasting keepsake for you or a loved one.

Memory Bears of the Highest Quality

One of ReMinkie's Memory Bears (Boy Scout Bear)

ReMinkie memory bear made from a boy’s beloved Boy Scout uniform.

Rita makes memory bears of the highest quality for you and your loved ones. Each of her teddy bears is expertly crafted with moveable joints in the arms and legs. Her teddy bears are stuffed with poly-fiberfill and heavily lined for strength and durability.

ReMinkie Memory Bears make a beautiful memorial gifts as well as personalized gifts for your loved ones. Each of our bears is made from nostalgic materials — from the fabrics and furs found in your life. We design entirely unique and cute teddy bears that are full of beautiful memories for you. ReMinkie Bears are a perfect way to preserve your past and cherish your memories of family and friends. Our teddy bears and custom keepsakes have become heirlooms to be passed from one generation to another.

Create Lasting Memories with Custom Keepsakes

One of ReMinkie's Memory BearsTurn your sentimental fur or fabric into a keepsake to be treasured for a lifetime!

Today keepsakes are more important than ever. They help us memorialize a loved one, commemorate our family and history, and pass down our stories from one generation to another.

At ReMinkie, Rita also designs:

Professional and Personal

One of ReMinkie's Memory Bears

One of ReMinkie’s Memory Bears. This memory bear was made from the favorite shirt and jeans of a dad who passed away.

Rita Glosser is very “hands on” at ReMinkie Memory Bears. As soon as she receives your fur, fabric or neckties, she will call you and work together with you to personalize your keepsake.

Our memory bears come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the materials you send to us. They can be monogrammed and personalized in a variety of ways. Special details include bows, bandana, necktie, buttons, pockets, embroidery, and more. Each bear is especially designed for you.

ReMinkie Memory Bears is a cottage industry with four specialized sewers working alongside Rita Glosser.

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Memory Bears that ReMinkie made for Family
ReMinkie Memory Bears made for the Smith Family

Memory Bears: Memory Bear made from Keepsake Quilt

“There are so many memories in this ReMinkie Memory Bear made from old quilts. We love having it in our bedroom.”

Beautiful Memory Bear

“In this memory bear, Rita combined Mom’s silk dress and bed jacket with a little scarf of her mink. She created a very special memory of our Mom.”

Memory Bears by ReMinkie

“We love our memory bears made from Mom’s mink coat.
The buttons are especially meaningful. Thank you, Rita!”

ReMinkie Memory Bears: Video and Local News

Rita Glosser’s memory bears have received great customer testimonials as well as acclaim on news outlets. Watch the videos below to learn more about Rita and her bears.

ReMinkie Memory Bears on Bay News 9           ReMinkie Memory Bears on Channel 10           ReMinkie Memory Bears on SNN 6